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Self-Managed Server Administration

In addition to the system administration tasks required for all Appian systems, self-managed installations require regular maintenance to ensure all components are performing optimally. This section includes guidance for a range of server administration tasks:

  • Install Appian: Once you become familiar with Appian, it's time to set up the software for your self-managed installation. This section contains everything you need to start putting Appian to work.
  • Initial Configuration: Appian provides a range of configuration options to ensure a new system meets your organization's unique requirements.
  • Customization: Learn how to tailor the Appian experience for developers and end users.
  • Server Maintenance: Instructions for maintaining the web server, database, and other software needed for your Appian system.
  • Scripts: Discover the Appian-provided scripts meant to ease your workload.
  • Backup and Restoration: Steps for data archival and disaster recovery.