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TransactionLogUtil Script


The Appian engines synchronously store write transactions in the Kafka component of the Internal Messaging Service as they are applied. For troubleshooting purposes it is sometimes useful to be able to look at the contents of the transaction log for an engine to see how many transactions were applied in a given time period, what types of transactions are flowing through the system, or what parameters were used in a particularly slow transaction. The transactionLogUtil script outputs the contents of the transaction log, including the timestamp, id, method name, executing user, size, and duration of each transaction.

Run this script when directed to do so by Appian Support as part of troubleshooting.


<APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin/ (.bat)


Short Name Long Name Required Meaning
-h --help No Show usage information
-s --start No Starting date or transaction id
-e --end No Ending date or transaction id
-l --limit No Maximum number of transactions to process
-p --print No Print transactions

The --print option requires a format of either detail, summary, or hex. The default value is summary.

Running without the --start, --limit, and --end parameters will result in all transactions for the specified service being printed out.


The transactionLogUtil script takes as a parameter the name of a service for which to export transactions. One of: analytics00analytics31, channels, content, download-stats, execution00execution31, forums, groups, notifications, notifications-email, portal, process-design.

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TransactionLogUtil Script