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UI SDK Overview

Appian provides a fantastic array of components that can be used to build beautiful and powerful user interfaces quickly. These components are one of the key building blocks that make Appian's low-code platform so efficient, effective, and a joy to use.

However, there might be rare instances when your interface requirements extend beyond those out-of-the-box components to where there isn't an option that precisely matches your design needs.

Maybe you want to embed Google Maps in your interface and allow users to select locations to be passed into an action. Or you might want to capture signatures using DocuSign without users having to leave a task form.

Appian offers a user interface software development kit (UI SDK) that is perfectly suited to help developers serve these use cases.

With the UI SDK, developers can extend Appian's already powerful, low-code capabilities by creating custom SAIL components, called component plug-ins, so you can deliver fully on the promise of your interface designs.

Regardless of your role, the UI SDK provides great benefits:

  • For vendors: Create branded, low-code integrations to your platform and ship them with your logo in the Appian AppMarket.
  • For partners: Deliver Appian solutions that feature compelling user interfaces and integrations that are easier for developers to modify and extend.
  • For teams: Handle complex design challenges to deliver on unique customer requirements.

To learn about designing component plug-ins, the review process and guidelines for AppMarket submissions, and more see:

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UI SDK Overview