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Interface Patterns


Interface patterns provide you with a combination of components and dynamic expressions to achieve common user-interface designs. This page contains a searchable list of all interface patterns.

Pattern types

Appian provides two types of patterns:

In Palette: These patterns are available to drag-and-drop from the component palette in DESIGN MODE:


Recipe: These patterns are available as instructional recipes right here in the docs. The instructions for these patterns contain an expression that you can copy and paste into your interface in EXPRESSION MODE.

Adapting patterns

Whether the pattern you're interested in is available in the palette or from a recipe, be sure to check out How to Adapt a Pattern for Your Application if you're new to working with interfaces.

Example data

Many of these patterns rely on sample Employee data or sample data from the Appian Retail application.

  • To follow along with patterns that use sample Employee data, complete the Use the Write to Data Store Entity Smart Service Function on an Interface pattern to create the sample Employee data. If a pattern uses the Employee record type, complete the Records Tutorial to create the record type and additional objects.

  • To follow along with patterns that use data from the Appian Retail application, log in to Appian Community to request the latest Appian Community Edition site. This application is available for free and contains sample retail data, fully configured record types, and example reports.

Search patterns

Validation, Grids, Looping Add Validations to an Inline Editable Grid
Hierarchical Data, Group Management Add, Remove, and Move Group Members Browser
Reports, Charts, Query Data, Grids, Records Aggregate Data and Conditionally Display in a Chart or Grid
Reports, Charts, Query Data, Records Aggregate Data and Display in a Chart
Reports, Charts, Query Data, Records Aggregate Data by Multiple Fields and Display in a Chart
Reports, Query Data, Grids, Records Aggregate Data on a Date or Date and Time Field
Reports, Charts, Query Data, Filtering, Records Aggregate Data using a Filter and Display in a Chart
Choice Components Alert Banner Patterns
Formatting Breadcrumbs Pattern
Hierarchical Data Browse Hierarchical Data
Choice Components, Formatting, Conditional Display Cards as Buttons Pattern
Card Choices, Rich Text Cards as Choices Pattern
Choice Components, Images Cards as List Items Patterns
Comments, Looping Comments Patterns
Grids, Conditional Display Conditionally Hide a Column in a Grid
Conditional Display, Choice Components Configure Cascading Dropdowns
Choice Components Configure a Boolean Checkbox
Charts, Grids, Query Data, Records Configure a Chart Drilldown to a Grid
Auto-Refresh, Grids, Records Display Last Refresh Time
Document Management, Grids Display Multiple Files in a Grid
Documents Document List
Grids, Charts, Reports Drilldown Report Pattern
Choice Components, Cards, Checkboxes, Buttons Dual Picklist Pattern
Rich Text, Events Duration Display
Inputs, Dynamic Links Dynamic Inputs
Timeline, Events Event Timelines
Hierarchical Data, Grids Expand/Collapse Rows in a Tree Grid
Grids, Filtering, Records Filter the Data in a Grid
Charts, Grids, Filtering, Records Filter the Data in a Grid Using a Chart
Stamps Form Steps
Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Buttons Inline Survey
Formatting KPI Patterns
Looping Leaderboard
Validation, Grids, Records Limit Grid Selection to One Row
Grids, Rich Text More-Less Link
Conditional Display, Formatting, Navigation Navigation Patterns
Records, Reports, Formatting Percentage of Online Sales
Auto-Refresh, Smart Services Refresh Data After Executing a Smart Service
Records, Reports, Charts Sales by Region
Grids, Smart Services, Filtering, Reports Save a User's Report Filters to a Data Store Entity
Grids, Filtering, Reports Searching on Multiple Columns
Formatting, Grids, Records Show Calculated Columns in a Grid
Stamps Stamp Steps
Formatting, Choice Components, Buttons, Rich Text, Cards Tabs Patterns
Grids, Filters, Process Task Links, Task Reports Task Report Pattern
Formatting Timeline Patterns
Records, Reports, Grids Top Customers and Their Latest Order
Charts, Reports Trend-Over-Time Report
Charts, Reports, Formatting Year-Over-Year Report
Records, Reports, Formatting Year-Over-Year Sales Growth
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Interface Patterns