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Data Catalog Page
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's advanced and premium capability tiers. Usage limits may apply.

This page applies to business users. It describes what actions are available on the Data Catalog page of Process HQ.

Note:  To see this page, you must be in the Data Fabric Report Creators system group.


The Data Catalog page allows you to explore the breadth of your data fabric. Here, you can build custom reports by selecting a dataset or using a guided experience to pick and format your report data.

To access this page, select Process HQ from the navigation menu in the Appian header bar, then click Data Catalog in the navigation bar.


The following image highlights the elements that make up this page:



Actions Available


Navigation bar



Go to the following tabs:

  • The Datasets tab displays all of the datasets you have access to use in a report. Click a dataset to start building a report.
  • The Guided Experience tab allows you to use autosuggest to pick and format the data you want in a report.



  • Search for a dataset by the dataset name or description.
  • Filter the list of datasets.
  • Show the row count on each dataset. By default, the row count is hidden.
  • Sort the list of datasets.


List of datasets

Click a dataset to start building a report.

Search for a dataset

To search for a dataset, go to the Datasets tab and enter the name or description of the dataset in the search box.

Filter the list of datasets

In the toolbar of the Datasets tab, use the following filters:

  • Source Type: Filter by the type of data source: database, Salesforce, or web service.
  • Source Name: Filter by the name of the data source.

Show the row count

By default, the row count for each dataset is hidden.

To show the row count on each dataset, go to the Dataset tab and select the Show row count checkbox.

Create a report by clicking a dataset

If you're already familiar with the data you need, you can select that data from the Datasets tab to immediately start building a report.

Create a report using a guided experience

If you aren't familiar with the data you need in a report, you can explore your enterprise data using a guided experience.

From the Guided Experience tab, you can pick and format report data using autocomplete suggestions. As you select different options, you'll see a real-time preview of the report. When you're ready, click CREATE REPORT to continue refining and exploring the data.

Manage reports

Once you create a report, you can:

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Data Catalog Page