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Appian AI Copilot

Introducing Appian AI Copilot

Appian AI Copilot empowers all users to collaborate with generative AI to improve efficiency throughout the Appian platform.

AI Copilot is an assistant within Appian that leverages generative AI to help developers or users accomplish tasks more quickly. AI Copilot gives the developer or user a head start, but it doesn't accomplish tasks independently. Instead, AI Copilot is just that — a copilot. You and your users remain in control.

This section describes AI Copilot's powerful capabilities and how you can make the most of them.

AI Copilot for developers

Generate an interface from a PDF

Tip:  To access this feature, provide credentials for the Azure OpenAI Service in the Admin Console.

AI Copilot allows you to harness the power of generative AI to help you quickly build interfaces that provide a beautiful and effortless experience for your users. You can use AI Copilot to generate an interface directly from a PDF in just a few clicks.

Generate sample data for record types

Explore a faster way to develop, test, and showcase your work with AI-generated sample data. Skip the manual effort and instantly create realistic data for record types linked to your existing database. Thanks to Appian AI Copilot, you'll enjoy secure, authentic data that's ideal for captivating demos and comprehensive testing.

Generate test cases for expression rules

Note:  This feature is available as a preview. Preview features are fully supported; however, they do not reflect the full functionality of the feature yet.

Testing is the cornerstone of exceptional applications. Appian AI Copilot helps to elevate your expression rule testing using AI-created test cases. Perfect for unit testing, this capability automatically generates test cases and proposes new scenarios for you to consider, saving you valuable time. AI Copilot generates test cases using specific details from your expression rule, including the rule's name, description, full definition with comments, rule inputs, and any existing test cases to avoid duplicates. While Appian AI Copilot does not possess the same in-depth understanding of the application as you do, it is designed to identify potential edge cases that may not be immediately obvious. These include scenarios involving null values or unusually large or small data inputs. You can discard suggestions you find irrelevant and refine the rest, just like you would with your own test cases.

AI Copilot for users

With Appian AI Copilot, end users can:

Ask questions about large volumes of business-specific information

Enterprise Copilot is a site within your Appian environment that provides a generative AI chat experience where users can ask questions about curated sets of information specific to your business. Enterprise Copilot administrators create a knowledge set to collect and house information relevant to a particular audience and topic. For example, you might create a knowledge set for HR policies and benefits information for each country you do business in.

Ask questions about your record data

The Records Chat component, powered by AI Copilot, allows you to interact with records and their related data through a conversational AI chatbot. Add this input field to any interface and you can simply chat in your own words; there's no need to craft the perfect prompt. AI Copilot understands what you need. For example, if you use Appian for case management, you can use this component to synthesize case information, understand its history, and suggest or summarize next steps.

Your inputs and chatbot outputs are all protected with private AI; no third-party integrations needed to get started.

Ask questions about end user reports

AI Copilot empowers any user to gain real-time insights about their data. When business users build reports with data fabric insights, they can use AI Copilot to uncover new patterns, trends, or outliers in their data.

Users can ask questions about their reports using a familiar chat experience. To help them get started, AI Copilot provides a list of suggested questions to uncover potential areas of improvements and next steps. AI Copilot will then analyze the report data and provide users with immediate answers.

Appian AI Copilot