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Populating Label Value Inputs

The Post System Event and Post Event smart services allow you to include additional information in your postings by populating the Event Data node input.

  • When the Event Data node input is populated, a link to additional event information is displayed on the post.
  • Clicking the link displays a table of additional information, such as the following examples.

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  • Each of the values that you want to list in such a table must be compiled using process activities.

Creating a table of event data

You can build a table of More Info items by typing an expression into the Event Data node input, by listing the complex values. The following example lists a simple label and value pair that would appear as a single row.

  • The More Info node input holds a Label Value data type.
  • When you have more than one row to add (a common requirement) enclose all of your labels and values within another pair of curly brackets {} and separate the rows with commas , as shown in the following example.


There are different ways to assemble your Event Data table. Using a single expression is the simplest approach. For the examples in this section, we assume that the process has already saved the following process variable values to be displayed as event data.

Process Variable Data Type Value
OpportunityName Text ITIL SOW
OpportunityType Text Professional Services
OpportunityAccount Text New Technologies
OpportunityOwner Text Juliana Doe
OpportunityStage Text 7 - Legal
DetailsLink Text


  • Note that links in event posts are automatically recognized.


These expression examples illustrate how to populate the value of an Event Data node input within a Post Event to Feed Smart Service or a Post System Event to Feed Smart Service. The following expression could be used to display the subsequent Event Data table.

{{label:"Name",value:pv!OpportunityName},{label:"Type",value:pv!OpportunityType},{label:"Account Name",value:pv!OpportunityAccount},{label:"Owner",value:pv!OpportunityOwner},{label:"Stage",value:pv!OpportunityStage},{label:"Link",value:pv!DetailsLink}}
Type Professional Services
Account Name New Technologies
Owner Juliana Doe
Stage 7 - Legal

It is possible to list multiple values for a single label. For example, the following expression could be used to display the subsequent Event Data table.

{{label:"Account",value:{pv!OpportunityName,pv!OpportunityType,pv!OpportunityAccount}},{label:"Owner and Stage",value:{pv!OpportunityOwner,pv!OpportunityStage}},{label:"Link",value:pv!DetailsLink}}
Account ITIL SOW
Professional Services
New Technologies
Owner and Stage Juliana Doe
7 - Legal

Populating Label Value Inputs