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What's New in RWM?
The RWM application was deprecated with Appian 24.1. The application will no longer be updated or pre-installed for new Appian Cloud sites with Appian RPA enabled.

RWM will be removed in a future release and we encourage customers to use the Operations Console to manage robots instead.

Welcome to the release notes for the Robotic Workforce Manager application! Here you can learn about the latest updates to the Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) application. Be sure to check which version of RWM you're using to take advantage of the latest features.

RWM 5.6 (Release date: January 28, 2022)

Updated reporting

Analysts and stakeholders rely on reports and visualizations to find key information about complex automation implementations. To help these users get key information faster, we've updated some reporting features within RWM 5.6 to reflect recommended design patterns for robotic processes.

We've updated RWM to reflect Appian's recommendation of processing items in a list by calling a robotic process from a process model rather than using queues and queue items. Dashboards for existing processes that use queue items won't change, but charts and graphs for new robotic processes have been simplified to showcase more valuable information such as the overall execution results and duration. Within the Control Center, the Queue tab has been removed if no queues exist.

Deprecated external vendor configurations

To focus on RWM's position as a part of Appian's overall automation capabilities, we're removing the ability to configure external vendors. New installations of RWM can only be used with Appian RPA, starting with version 5.6.

RWM is part of Appian's automation workflow to help you manage requests and implementations. All new Appian licenses include both Appian RPA and RWM so you can manage automations across your automation enterprise.

Customers who already use other automation vendors won't be affected, even if you upgrade to this new version. If you have already configured RWM to use UiPath, Blue Prism, or Automation Anywhere, you can continue to use those vendors with any version of RWM. However, new RWM installations (for version 5.6 and higher) will only be able to control and manage Appian RPA automations.

Which version of RWM am I using?

You can find your version of the RWM application from the app landing page, as shown below.

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What's New in RWM?