This release includes exciting enhancements to building workflows, portals, and more.

Introducing a more intuitive and powerful portal design experience

Use the new portal object to streamline your development process. Now, you can build and deploy your public web apps using the familiar development experience of Appian Designer.

New state-of-the-art Process Modeler style

Check out the modernized process modeler, with new badge, node, and smart service icons that are intuitive and beautiful. You can even update your plug-ins to match the new styling.

Enable data sync on the User record type

Enable data sync on the User record type so you can leverage powerful sync-enabled features that accelerate application design. Just like that—you'll be able to add relationships, create custom record fields, apply record-level security, and more.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New Process Mining Tutorial

In our new Process Mining tutorial, you'll use Appian Process Mining to discover insights and optimization opportunities for a business process. You'll start by preparing, transforming, and loading data in Mining Prep. Then, you'll use Process Mining to visualize the process and uncover optimization opportunities using root cause analysis and a custom dashboard.

Introducing the SAIL Design System

We are excited to release a new tool for designers to create attractive, easy-to-use interfaces in Appian: the SAIL Design System site. This site, combined with the SAIL UI framework, helps designers quickly craft beautiful interfaces with less development.

Data Modeling with Appian Records

Learn how to collect and connect your enterprise data using Appian's powerful records features. Discover methods for understanding your data and planning an application to meet the needs of your stakeholders.