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RWM Frequently Asked Questions
The RWM application was deprecated with Appian 24.1. The application will no longer be updated or pre-installed for new Appian Cloud sites with Appian RPA enabled.

RWM will be removed in a future release and we encourage customers to use the Operations Console to manage robots instead.


As you get set up and begin using the Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) application, you might have questions or issues about the application. Check below to see if your question already has an answer!


Does RWM support one application in one environment integrating with multiple RPA vendors?

Only if you had these integrations set up before upgrading to RWM 5.6.

If you adopted RWM 5.6 as your first installation, you'll only be able to use RWM with Appian RPA.

If you adopted RWM 5.6 as an upgrade from an earlier installation, you can use your existing integrations with Appian RPA, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, nad UiPath. If this applies to you, you will see selection filters in the application to see objects in reports for one RPA vendor at a time versus all at once.

Does RWM support one application in one environment integrating with multiple servers?

No, an RWM application can't be connected to multiple servers.

Why don't the robotic processes scheduled in RWM appear in the external RPA console's scheduler?

RWM retrieves scheduler data from the integrated RPA systems, but it does not push processes scheduled in RWM into external systems. RWM maintains its own scheduler system which kicks off those processes in the RPA system when the time comes.

No data are being pulled from the RPA system into RWM. What's wrong?

There may be a few things preventing RWM from retrieving data:

  • Is the ETL sync flag RWM_JD_FLAG_PROCESS turned on? The heartbeat process must also be on for versions prior to RWM 4.1.
  • Did the previous historic data load successfully?
  • Are there any data present in the RWM_WORK_ITEM_DETAILS table in RWM?
  • Were the end date and start date values set correctly? It's easy to accidentally set the end date to be after the start date. This is set in RWM_JD_HISTORIC_START_DATE and RWM_JD_HISTORIC_END_DATE.

RWM's resource statuses are not refreshing. What's wrong?

Is the ETL sync flag RWM_JD_FLAG_PROCESS turned on? The heartbeat process must also be on for versions prior to RWM 4.1.

Blue Prism

How do you increase the timeout for the WebService call from Blue Prism that pushes ETL data to RWM?

In Blue Prism, navigate to the System Tab > Web API Services > Appian Skill > Advanced Settings > and set the Timeout value.

How do you test Blue Prism and RWM connectivity?

In RWM 4.2 or newer, use the integration object in RWM RWM_testAppianWebAPICall to call a Blue Prism process that subsequently calls RWM. This tests both calls from RWM to Blue Prism and also for Blue Prism to call RWM.

When I run the ETL in Blue Prism to push data to RWM, I receive message 404 error “Unexpected error Error during Web API HTTP Request"

Check whether the checkbox value Expose is checked in the System tab > Web API Services > Appian Skill > Send Data to Appian > Parameters > Expose.

I'm running the historic load for RWM from Blue Prism, but no data are coming into RWM. What's wrong?**

Were all Blue Prism setup steps completed? And if so, were the end date and start date set correctly? It's easy to accidentally set the historic load end date after the start date. In Blue Prism, this is set within Blue Prism, in System > Processes / Objects > Environment Variables.

I'm using RWM 4.0.2, but the Blue Prism package won't import successfully.

Blue Prism 6.6 or newer is required for RWM 4.0.2 to be used with Blue Prism.


Does RWM work with the community edition of UiPath?

No, UiPath Community Edition is not supported, only the UiPath Enterprise edition.

What is the difference between multi-tenant and multi-instance configurations of RWM with UiPath?

Multi-tenant refers to different tenants of the same UiPath Orchestrator, while multi-instance refers to using multiple, different UiPath Orchestrators.

Automation Anywhere

Integration calls from RWM to Automation Anywhere throws errors. If this is a result of special characters in the authentication credentials, such as a password or API key, how can I resolve this?

Escape the special characters such as underscores with a backslash \.

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RWM Frequently Asked Questions