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Create a Record Type

This page explains how to create a record type.

Create a record type

To create a record type:

  1. In your application, go to the Build view.
  2. Click NEW > Record Type.
  3. In Create Record Type, configure the following properties:

    Property Description
    Name The name of the record type that is displayed in the Appian Designer. For example, in the Appian Retail application, you could have AR Order, AR Customer, or AR Support Ticket. Follow the recommended naming standard when creating this name.
    Display Name (Plural) The name of the record type in plural form. For example, Orders, Customers, or Support Tickets. This is the name that business users see in data fabric insights, Tempo, and as the search placeholder text in the record list and any records-powered grids.
    Description The description of the record type shown in data fabric insights, Tempo, and in Appian Designer.
  4. Click Create.
  5. In the Review Application Security dialog, review the record type security settings.
  6. Click SAVE.

Once you create your record type, configure the source of your record type by choosing an existing data source or generate a data source from the record type.

As you configure the source of your record type, enable data sync to unlock powerful data fabric features that allow you easily relate, transform, and secure your enterprise data.


Each time you modify and save a record type, a new version is created. All objects that use the record type will use the latest version. All versions are accessible to developers who can view the record type, and a record type can be reverted back to a previous version at any time.

For information on how to manage object versions, see Managing Object Versions.

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Create a Record Type