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Total Experience

What is Appian's total experience?

Appian delivers a total experience that allows you to quickly and powerfully create tailored experiences for any user on any device, all backed by our secure platform.

Appian's total experience is based on four critical capabilities:

  • Design rich user experiences rapidly using low-code.
  • Connect with all users using portals and sites.
  • Develop for both web and mobile without redesign.
  • Deliver apps with confidence on a secure and scalable platform.

Design rich user experiences

In Appian, the primary way that you craft a streamlined and intuitive experience for your users is by designing rich, meaningful interfaces using our drag-and-drop components and low-code configurations.

Our interfaces are built on Appian's SAIL architecture, which provides the framework you need to easily create powerful interfaces with little to no code, using our easy-to-configure, prebuilt drag-and-drop components.

To learn more about interface design, check out our interface documentation and the SAIL Design System.

Seamlessly perform on both web and mobile

In Appian, you can use your interfaces anywhere on web or mobile without redesigning your applications, dramatically reducing development time and simplifying applications.

With Appian Mobile, you can allow your users to access task and event notifications, up-to-date business information, and ad-hoc collaboration on the go, all from the convenience of their iOS and Android devices.

Mobile users can also access mobile applications and complete tasks when they aren’t connected to the internet with offline mobile. To learn how to create new interfaces or modify existing ones to work for offline mobile, check out our offline mobile documentation.

Engage all users

With Appian, you can engage and connect all of your users, whether they have an Appian login or not, through sites and portals. Both portals and sites are built using the intuitive and familiar drag-and-drop interface design.

Appian Portals are public websites that allow anonymous users to interact with Appian applications. Portal users can submit forms, file claims, view documents and information, and more. All without requiring them to sign in.

Appian Sites are custom experiences for your signed-in users that provide them with quick access to the pages, tasks, and information that they need in a professional and polished web app.

With the ability to engage both anonymous and signed-in users, it is easy to unify data, processes, and systems in one cohesive total experience. To learn more about connecting with all users, check out our portals and sites documentation.

Deliver applications with confidence

Developing and delivering applications on a natively secure low-code platform means that creating robust apps doesn't require a whole team of developers to ensure your site remains secure and compatible with multiple browsers.

With Appian, we do all of the hard work for you, ensuring your sites and portals are safe from attacks. Plus, we keep up with all of the changes for our supported browsers so you don't have to worry about critical functionality breaking due to browser incompatibility.

Get started with Appian's total experience

Now that you know all about Appian's total experience, it's time to put it into practice.

Check out these topics to learn how to create a cohesive total experience for your users:

  • Low-code interfaces: Explore our extensive documentation on interfaces and the SAIL Design System to learn how to rapidly design rich user experiences using low-code.
  • Portals & Sites: Learn how to connect all your users with portals and sites.
  • Appian Mobile: Discover how to develop for both web and mobile without redesign.

Total Experience