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This release includes exciting enhancements that allow you to build interfaces faster with AI, create robotic tasks directly from Appian Designer, and craft modern experiences for sites users.

Appian AI Copilot: harnessing the power of generative AI

With Appian AI Copilot, you can harness the power of generative AI to help you quickly build interfaces directly from a PDF, providing a beautiful and effortless experience for your users.

Create and manage robotic tasks in Appian Designer

You can now create, manage, and deploy robotic tasks directly from Appian Designer using the familiar and intuitive design object experience that you know and love.

Modern navigation with site page groups

Sleek and modern page groups for sites allow you to easily configure secondary navigation by grouping pages in a dropdown menu, helping your users quickly and efficiently find what they need.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Updated Courses for Administrators: Appian Platform Architecture and Utilize Health Check for Platform Monitoring

Administrators responsible for maintaining Appian applications or monitoring the health of the system should explore the refreshed Appian Platform Architecture and Utilize Health Check for Platform Monitoring courses.

New Course: Appian 23.3 Release Showcase

Take this course to learn about new and enhanced features of the Appian platform that you should start to use for building applications. This course teaches you how to leverage these new features and make it easier for you to transition to working with future versions of Appian.

New Courses on AI Skill

AI Skill allows teams to easily leverage the power of AI and ML to process content and build intelligent applications while keeping enterprise data and AI models private and secure. Learn how to apply AI Skill to document classification, document extraction, and email classification.