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Appian Hotfixes

This page lists all the recent hotfixes for Appian 24.1.

Note:  Appian Cloud customers can refer to MyAppian to see your latest hotfix version.

For self-managed customers, all hotfixes are released as a downloadable package bimonthly, at the beginning and middle of the month. The most recent package is as of 11 Apr 2024.

Cloud-only resolved issues

The following issues have been recently resolved in Appian Cloud 24.1 as of the date indicated. These hotfixes will be available for self-managed customers in the next bi-monthly package.

24.1.346.0 (19 Apr 2024)

  • AN-272254 - High
    Improves the UI performance of the Reconcile Document Extraction task.

24.1.345.0 (18 Apr 2024)

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-270962 - High
    Resolved a startup failure issue on single-node sites when enabling the Enhanced Data Pipeline - Business Data Replication feature.

  • AN-271620 - Medium
    Retry connecting to AI Skills when network disruptions are encountered.

  • AN-270014 - Medium
    Search Server (Elasticsearch) is now upgraded to version 7.17.19.

  • AN-268043 - Medium
    Updates Execute Prompt Smart Service to accept document and email inputs.

  • AN-271336 - Low
    Fixed an issue where queries would fail due to a timeout. This increases the query timeout.

Self-managed package (11 Apr 2024)

Self-managed customers can use the following links to download and install the hotfixes package. If you are managing Appian on Kubernetes, instead of using the links below, you'll need to upgrade to the latest Appian on Kubernetes images to apply the hotfixes.

This cumulative hotfix package includes all resolved issues listed below in a single download. This hotfix is required for any Appian 24.1 installations not currently up to date with the latest hotfixes. After installing, you will be running on Appian 24.1.325.0.

You can view your current self-managed Appian version by logging into your Appian environment as a designer or system administrator and clicking the navigation menu > About Appian.

The package resolves the following issues.

24.1.325.0 (11 Apr 2024)

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-270307 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where users were getting errors after logging in using SAML if "Update User Attributes on Sign-In" was enabled.

24.1.305.0 (04 Apr 2024)

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-269222 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that resulted in discrepancy in sizes of certain Knowledge Centers and Folders. Prior to this fix, certain Knowledge Centers and Folders displayed incorrect sizes after deletion of documents.

  • AN-268921 - Medium
    Fix for AN-269419 for concurrent usage of AI skills prompt builder (28 Mar 2024)

  • AN-269457 - Medium
    Enable cross-region support for Prompt Builder. (28 Mar 2024)

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-268360 - Medium
    Fixed an issue in the real-time store that caused synced record queries to fail unexpectedly on rare occasions.

  • AN-268833 - Low
    Fixed an issue that caused certain constraint validations to be ignored in full record syncs. (21 Mar 2024)

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-267205 - Medium
    We now allow customers to specify which region should be used by all private AI features when their environment is located outside of a supported region. Customers can request this change via Appian support.

  • AN-265165 - Low
    Fixed an issues where engine process metrics were not properly collected. (15 Mar 2024)

  • AN-268402 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where the choice values of a dropdown component would get cut off by the containing layout. (14 Mar 2024)

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-267026 - High
    Hotfix was added to AE 24.1 and AE 23.4

  • AN-261813 - High
    Resolved an issue to prevent cloud database replication failure in the HA configuration by setting the value of the slave_parallel_mode variable to conservative.

  • AN-265737 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where document extraction fields were sometimes misaligned in reconciliation tasks. (07 Mar 2024)

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-266891 - High
    Appian now behaves properly. Data creation within form builder is created at the proper levels.

  • AN-259860 - High
    Updated grpc library

  • AN-259725 - High
    Upgraded ion-java library (01 Mar 2024)

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-259435 - High
    Removal of special characters (non alpha numeric) from the exception REST API response (22 Feb 2024)

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-264450 - High
    Resolved an issue where phpMyAdmin failed to automatically log in users when a special character was set in the site property.

  • AN-262624 - High
    Performance optimization for development environments related to type and rule updates.

  • AN-260675 - High
    Fixed an issue that prevented loading Data Fabric Analytics when using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for the Appian data source.

  • AN-244356 - High
    Upgraded Jackson Core , Databind and Annotations in Dynamics and Sharepoint Connected Systems

  • AN-261897 - Medium
    Fixed an issue which caused infrequent synced record type outages due to data service write failures.

  • AN-260985 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where in rare cases file uploads would fail with a 401 error on embedded forms.

  • AN-258702 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that caused embedded Appian to break for 1% of Google Chrome users, following a recent change by Google. (15 Feb 2024)

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-263504 - High
    Production release of AMP stratus log streaming migration

  • AN-262858 - Medium
    Interfaces with component plugins (like the Rich Text Editor plugin) now load faster, especially when there are multiple on the same page.

  • AN-257532 - Medium
    Security Improvement (06 Feb 2024)

  • AN-262105 - High
    Performance improvements for interfaces that use record references. (02 Feb 2024)

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-261480 - Medium
    Resolved an issue where the phpMyAdmin banner color was not properly displayed based on the configuration.

  • AN-261224 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where a!queryRecordType() and a!queryRecordByIdentifer() were sometimes causing slowness in portals.

  • AN-259639 - Medium
    Fixed a bug that prevented log in and password reset for SSO users.

  • AN-259485 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that prevented rendering of dropdown and multiple dropdown components with null or empty values.

  • AN-259083 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that caused record action submissions to lead to unresponsive user interfaces in rare scenarios.

  • AN-258199 - Medium
    Fixed an issue which prevented certain deactivated users from being reactivated on sign in. Before this fix, deactivated users with rule based membership could not be reactivated through SAML automatically.

  • AN-255864 - Medium
    Upgraded jackson libraries in salesforce-multi

  • AN-255134 - Medium
    Update to the "AI Services" translation for multiple locales.

  • AN-248734 - Medium
    This fixes the issue for the ability to save a salesforce integration with large payloads over> 200KB using a Salesforce Connected System

  • AN-257760 - Low
    Resolved a user interface issue affecting the Execute Stored Procedure Smart Service within the upgrade to version 23.4. Prior to the fix, the newly introduced Auto-commit node input parameter was incorrectly displayed in the Outputs section for any existing nodes created before version 23.4. To use the Auto-commit parameter, you will need to replace the existing nodes with new ones within your process model.


Perform the following steps to apply the hotfix:

  1. Stop Appian. See Starting and Stopping Appian for detailed instructions:
    1. Shut down the application server.
    2. Shut down the search server.
    3. Shut down the data server.
    4. Shutdown all Appian Engines, ensuring that the engines are checkpointed upon shutdown.
  2. Back up your existing Appian instance. See Backing Up Your Existing Appian Instance.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive into your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  4. Run the deleteFiles script (deleteFiles.bat on Windows, on Linux) that is now located in your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
    • If the script reports that some files were not deleted, address the reason for the failure (common causes listed below), and run it again until it no longer reports failed deletions.
    • Common causes of failed file deletion include:
    • The file is open in another window or process
    • The file is locked
    • You do not have permission to delete the file
  5. Unzip the contents of the archive that is now located your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  6. Run the installJdk script (installJdk.bat on Windows, on Linux).
  7. If you maintain customized or overridden Spring Security .xml files, merge them with the associated base files in the /deployment/web.war/WEB-INF/conf/security/ directory.
  8. Delete the following files:
    • installjdk
    • OpenJDK8U-jdk_x64linux_hotspot.tar.gz


    • deleteFiles.bat
    • installjdk script.bat
  9. If you are using a Web server, copy the content of <APPIAN_HOME>/deployment/web.war to the folder where the Web server is getting the static resources. See Copy Static Resources to the Web Server for more information.
  10. Run the configure script to deploy your environment's configuration and re-configure any node names previously set by the configure script tools.
  11. Start Appian:
    1. Start the Appian Engines.
    2. Start the data server.
    3. Start the search server.
    4. Start the application server.

To determine if the Appian 24.1 Hotfix is deployed, open the file located in <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/. The contents of this file should match the following code sample:

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Appian Hotfixes