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Appian Configurations
The RWM application was deprecated with Appian 24.1. The application will no longer be updated or pre-installed for new Appian Cloud sites with Appian RPA enabled.

RWM will be removed in a future release and we encourage customers to use the Operations Console to manage robots instead.


There are certain configurations you can make in Appian to customize the Robotic Workforce Manager application for your needs. These include:

Security and Role-Based Access


Every organization may have different roles that should have access to different parts of the application as appropriate.

For more about the roles and assigned privileges in this application, refer to User Roles

  • Role names (Appian Groups) can be changed or customized as per the customer's requirements.
    • However, it should be noted that when the next version of RWM application would be released, these changes will be overwritten.
  • Members can be added/removed.

Configuration of RWM Vendor Data Retrieval

The RWM Application shows data from the Appian database. However, the data itself comes from the RPA vendor servers. In order to extract key RPA data such as Processes, Resources, Queues, and Work Items in Appian tables, the Appian processes are scheduled to run on a regular basis whose time frame can be adjusted and set.

To change the time interval that this data is pulled in, set:

  • Automation Anywhere: RWM_AA_ETL_TIME_INTERVAL
  • Blue Prism: Configuration should be done on the Blue Prism side.

On/off flags for ETL process and schedulers:

  • Automation Anywhere: RWM_AA_FLAG_PROCESS
  • Blue Prism: ETL flag process configuration should be done on the Blue Prism side.

Appian Configurations