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Appian Protect


Appian Protect is the suite of security and trust features built to meet the needs of any organization. Appian's cloud platform is built for security, scalability, and reliability. Appian Protect gives you more control over your security posture, improves data security and privacy, and enhances compliance with policies and regulations at the local, state, federal, and global level. With Appian Protect, you can keep data secure and compliant while ensuring users have reliable and speedy access to their information.

Appian Protect support tiers

Appian Protect lets your organization select a support tier that best meets your organization's requirements for technical help, compliance and audit services, cloud instance sizing, and uptime and availability.

All Appian Cloud customers receive the core benefits of Appian Protect at the Basic tier. More security options are available at the Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise support tiers.

The following table lists the features provided at each support tier. Features marked with a dagger (†) are also available to self-managed customers.

Feature Basic Essential Advanced Enterprise
Security, orchestration, and automated response (SOAR) - Appian InfoSec's proprietary security observability and response platform
Real-time intrusion detection monitoring and response
Antivirus scanning (on file upload and nightly)
Enterprise-ready authentication and authorization with SSO (built-in or connect with LDAP, SAML, OpenID Connect,, or PIEE) †
Integration authentication (OAuth 2.0, Google Service Account authentication, AWS Signature v4 authentication) †
Inbound Web API authentication (using API keys or OAuth 2.0) †
Record-level security with user access preview †
VPN (inbound and outbound, dynamic and fault-tolerant)  
AWS PrivateLink (inbound and outbound)  
Trusted IPs  
Custom TLS policies  
Bring your own key (AWS KMS) for disk encryption    
Appian Cloud database encryption with AWS KMS    
Log Streaming    
Enhanced Business Continuity    
Dedicated VPC      
Annual customer audit      
Site data audit requests      
Annual security questionnaire      

Frequently asked questions

Does Appian Protect cost extra?

Appian Protect at the Basic tier is included in the license fee for all customers. Some features are available only to customers subscribed to higher-level support tiers.

Is Appian Protect only available to Cloud customers?

Most of the features included in Appian Protect are only available in Appian Cloud. However, features related to data, authentication, and integration security are also available to self-managed customers. These features are marked with the dagger symbol (†) in the previous table.

Can I purchase an Appian Protect feature without subscribing to its corresponding support tier?

Features are only available as a package at each support tier and cannot be purchased individually.

Appian Protect