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Tutorials and Courses
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.

Appian Automation Learning Path

The Automation Learning Path is a carefully curated curriculum that provides valuable insight and training for Appian RPA. For a detailed look at our courses and tutorials, please visit the Appian Academy website.

Course/Tutorial After completing, you will be able to:
Introduction to RPA
  • Describe Appian RPA
  • Explain the value of RPA
  • Identify when to use RPA over other automation solutions
Create Robotic Tasks with Appian
  • Identify the different components of Appian RPA
  • Create and manage a robot through the Ops Console
  • Create and debug a robotic task in designer
  • Execute a robotic task in a process model
Designing Loops: Robotic Tasks and Process Models
  • List the two types of loops in Appian
  • Plan looping in the robotic task or the process model
  • Use loops in robotic tasks according to best practices
Parse Excel Files (Tutorial)
  • Add a host machine
  • Create a robotic task that uses low-code actions to open an Excel workbook and retrieve data
  • Add a robotic task to a process model
Use Image Recognition (Tutorial)
  • Add a robot
  • Create a robotic process
  • Capture screenshots and use them with the Image Recognition module

Tutorials and Courses