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Glossary (RPA)
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.
Term Description
Action The smallest unit of work within a robotic task. An action is designed and configured to achieve a specific purpose within the robotic task workflow. For example, clicking a button on a web form is a single action. Actions can also be created and configured as Java methods, which are grouped together in modules.
Agent An executable file that connects the host machine with the RPA console. The agent must be present on a host machine in order to communicate with Appian and begin a robotic task. You can start a robotic task directly on the host machine using the agent.
Attended/Unattended An attended robotic task requires an assigned user to perform an action before the robotic task can complete. An unattended robotic task runs from start to finish without human intervention.
Console Also referred to as the Appian RPA console, this is the Appian RPA user interface where you can manage various components based on your assigned permissions and privileges.
Host Machine The physical or virtual machine on which a robotic task runs.
Library A collection of custom methods written by the Appian RPA developer. Libraries allow developers to reuse custom methods across different robotic tasks.
Module A collection of low-code actions or custom-code methods that a developer can use in their robotic tasks. Modules are separated most often based on the applications they interact with.
Queue A set of items that are part of a common process and are processed by one or more robotic tasks.
Robot A robot is a digital worker that's made up of two parts: a host machine and an agent. A robot needs a workspace, just like a human worker does. The host machine is the environment in which the digital worker completes robotic tasks. The Agent is an executable file that connects the host machine with Appian RPA.
Robotic Task A scripted program designed to automate tasks and steps in a business application. Notably, robotic tasks can be built to interact with user interfaces and perform steps that a human might otherwise need to do.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Automation of routine, repetitive, and predictable activities using user interface interactions that emulate human actions for applications or browser apps.
Robotic Task Workflow The series of actions that should be performed in a robotic task.
Robotic Workforce Manager (RWM) A pre-built, customizable Appian application to orchestrate enterprise automation requests and implementations. Using built-in reporting, you can also optimize automations to be as efficient and valuable as possible.
Subtasks A robotic task that starts as a result of the subtask activity. It is configured to run within the robotic task workflow of another robotic task known as the parent robotic task.
Template A pre-built robotic task that lets you begin developing with common modules and steps in the workflow. You can edit these actions to fit the needs and goals for your robotic task.
Work Items This term refers to the items that the robot should work on; e.g., bills, certificates, employees, or customers. Although not required, this name makes it easier for you to understand the statistics generated by the robotic task.
The robotic task acts on an item. The type of item depends on the tasks the robot must accomplish. Typically, an item is associated with an element within a set of elements with similar characteristics.
Some examples of an item could be a candidate who has sent his resume, and whose name and contact information must be processed; the employee, for a robot that makes the payments of salaries; or a product, for a robot that checks the stock in a store's warehouse; or even a citizen for a robot that must gather data from a census registry. In short, the item identification depends on the business process or the task to be performed.
Workflow Library A collection of custom Java methods written by the Appian RPA developer. Libraries allow developers to reuse custom methods across different robotic tasks.

Glossary (RPA)