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Robotic Task Templates
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.

Note:  Templates are only available on Appian 23.2 and earlier.

Appian RPA makes it easier to create robotic tasks by providing you with templates to use as a starting point. This section contains information about the templates that come bundled with Appian RPA 9.1 and earlier.

How to use Appian RPA templates

Templates demonstrate the most common and general use cases for Appian RPA modules. The examples can help you learn more about individual actions and understand how actions operate together in a robotic task.

To use a template, click Create robotic task in the Appian RPA console. Choose the best template to help you get started.

After you give your robotic task a name, the template's source code is automatically downloaded. The source code for the robotic task is relevant to custom code development only. If you're using low-code actions, you can ignore the automatically downloaded file.

Java developers: Navigate to the .java file in the template's folder structure. Now you're ready to get started developing your robotic task in your local development environment.

List of templates

The List of Templates page shows all templates in RPA. To find this page, go to the Robotic Tasks tab and click Templates from the toolbar.


You'll see the list of available templates. Sort the list by the Name, Description, or Version columns. Each template also shows when it was last updated, as well as available actions. You can use the Filter field to search for robotic task templates whose names or descriptions match your search terms.

Note:  You can't download or delete default templates.

To create a robotic task based on a template, click Create a robot in the Actions column. You'll see the same options available when you create a robotic task from scratch, including Name and Permissions fields.

Default templates

Appian RPA includes these templates by default:

  • Blank: This template includes no functionality, but it downloads the robotic task file structure and minimum code needed to get started.
  • Browser: This template creates a robotic task that opens a web browser using the Browser module.
  • Image Recognition: This template creates a robotic task that shows how to interact with images.
  • Hello World: This template creates a robotic task that shows basic techniques in Appian RPA using the Client module.
  • UIAutomation: This template creates a robotic task to show how to open and interact with Windows programs such as the Calculator.

Robotic Task Templates