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Engine Restart Script


Tip:  All highly-available sites automatically restart engines during checkpointing given the proper, safe conditions to do so.

The engine restart script allows you to restart an Appian engine safely while the site is running in a High Availability configuration. This allows you to free up memory that has been reserved but is not currently used by the engine.

If you still need to run this script between automatic engine restarts, Appian recommends running this script on the server hosting the primary engine in a High Availability configuration (use the Status Script to determine the primary engine). Restarting the primary engine frees up the most memory, but it can be used on replicas as well, to lesser effect. This script only runs on one engine at a time.


<APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin/ (.bat)


Short Name Long Name Required Meaning
-h --help No Show usage information
-p --password Yes Password for Admin REST API
-s --service Yes The service to restart. See below for values.

Available values for the --service parameter: analytics00analytics31, channels, content, download-stats, execution00execution31, forums, groups, notifications, notifications-email, portal, process-design.


./ -p <password> -s execution00

Engine Restart Script