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Configuring Notifications

This page describes how email notification settings can be modified by adding custom property settings in a file in the <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/ directory.

  • Portal alerts are not modified by these properties.
  • Process error alert recipients can be configured by web administrators using the Alerts Tab of the Process Model Properties dialog.

See also: Configuring Custom Properties

Notification types and default values

The default values for system notifications sent using email can be configured in for the following notification types. Each email notification can be set to one of the following intervals:

  • immediate
  • daily
  • weekly
  • hourly
  • never

These parameters set the default (global) value, not the value used by a particular user. If a user does not set a preference, then the global value is used. If the user has set a preference, then the user's preference is maintained.

In order to update a global notification setting, after Appian has already initialized default settings for each user, complete the following (the transaction log must be completely cleared before the change is fully applied to all users):

  1. Stop Appian
  2. Start Appian
  3. Stop Appian
  4. Start Appian. The new properties values are now used when initializing default settings for users.

The following table summarizes the notification types that can be set in a file. The updated values are only used if the end user does not change his or her alert settings.

After applying these changes to, the new properties only take effect after the services are started twice, or the next time a new server becomes the primary (in a distributed configuration).

The following properties take server.conf.notifications as a prefix. Unless otherwise noted, the default value for these properties is "immediate."

Parameter Description
group_membership_requested_timing Group Access Request
group_invitation_timing Invitation to Join Group
group_membership_removed_timing Group Membership Removed. The default timing is never
group_membership_request_approved_timing Group Access Request Approved
group_membership_request_rejected_timing Group Access Request Denied
group_invitation_accepted_timing Group Membership Invitation Accepted
group_invitation_declined_timing Group Membership Invitation Declined
send_link_msg_timing You have received a link to a page
send_feedback_msg_timing Page Feedback from Use
page_approved_msg_timing Page Approved
system_msg_timing You have received a message
page_approval_req_msg_timing Page Approval Request
collab_send_link_msg_timing You have received a link to a document
collab_access_approved_msg_timing Knowledge Center Access Approved
collab_access_rejected_msg_timing Knowledge Center Access Denied
collab_access_request_msg_timing Knowledge Center Access Request
collab_approved_changes_msg_timing Knowledge Center Change Approved
collab_rejected_changes_msg_timing Knowledge Center Change Denied
collab_export_completed_msg_timing Application Export Completed
collab_import_completed_msg_timing Application Import Completed
collab_change_request_msg_timing Knowledge Center Change Request
collab_expiring_files_msg_timing Expiring files
collab_invite_kc_msg_timing Invitation to Join Knowledge Center
collab_accept_invite_msg_timing Knowledge Center Invitation Accepted
collab_decline_invite_msg_timing Knowledge Center Invitation Declined
process_escalation_msg_timing Task has been escalated
process_sub_link_republished_timing Sub/linked process models are republished
process_super_process_causes_publishing_timing Process model auto-published
process_sub_link_disabled_deleted Sub/link process is disabled or deleted
process_new_task_me_timing New task assigned to me
process_new_task_others_timing New task assigned to me and others
process_new_task_unassigned_timing A task is unassigned. A new task has been generated, but it is not currently assigned to anyone.
process_cannot_delete_cancel_sub Cannot delete a subprocess
process_exception_msg_timing An error in the process has occurred
task_exception_msg_timing An error in a task of a process has occurred
tempo_comment_on_message_commented_on_msg_timing A new comment is added to a message that you have commented on
tempo_comment_on_post_commented_on_msg_timing A new comment is made to a post that you have commented on
tempo_comment_on_system_post_commented_on_msg_timing A new comment is made to a system-event posting that you have commented on
tempo_comment_on_post_msg_timing A new comment is made on a News event that is sponsored by you
tempo_comment_on_message_msg_timing A new comment is made on a Tempo message that you posted, which targeted everyone
tempo_comment_on_message_to_group_msg_timing A new comment is made on your message to a group
tempo_hazard_on_post_commented_on_msg_timing A new hazard alert is added to a post that you have commented on
tempo_hazard_on_system_post_commented_on_msg_timing A new hazard alert is added to a system-event post that you have commented on
tempo_hazard_on_post_msg_timing A new hazard alert is added to a Tempo event that you sponsored
tempo_post_attributed_to_you_msg_timing A new event that is sponsored by you is posted

Mailhandler properties

Mailhandler properties can be modified by adding custom configurations to using the namespace prefix conf.mailhandler.

See also: Configuring Custom Properties and Mail Server Setup

Server communication settings

The following properties take the server.conf.notifications namespace as a prefix.

See also: Configuring Custom Properties

Property Description
default_ntf_ttl Default number of days to keep portal notifications before deleting them automatically (for those notifications where users have not specified the number of days explicitly in notifications preferences). The default is 10 days.
MAX_ADDRESSES_PER_EMAIL The maximum number of people that a notification is sent out to. This is defaulted to 100. For example, if there are 1000 people who should be notified, then 10 separate notifications will be sent, with each notification being sent to 100 recipients, assuming that this property is set to 100.

Configuring Notifications