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Appian Cloud User Account Policies

This page applies to Appian Cloud only. It may not reflect the differences with Appian Government Cloud.

Initial user accounts

Appian Technical Support provides Appian Cloud the customer designated user with initial username and password in an email – which includes the URL to access the production and development environments – as soon as these are available. This information is communicated to the person designated by each customer as your Authorized Customer Maintenance Services Contact in their service agreement document.

In each case, the initial account is a System Administrator type account. This user account is designated as the administrator and member of the following Administrative Groups:

  • Portal Administrators
  • Document Administrators
  • Application Designers

The initial user account has no restrictions to their user rights on the environment, and has the credentials necessary to create additional user accounts.

Customers are responsible for the creation of the necessary user accounts for their organization, and are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of accounts and passwords. In the event you (our customer) become aware of a breach of security, you must immediately change your passwords and promptly notify Appian of such breach.


We recommend using your corporate username for your Appian user accounts. This makes usernames easier to remember for users, and easier to identify for your system administrators.

  • Usernames are associated by the system with objects that a user creates or modifies, which can make a username long-lived.
  • For the initial user account created for a new environment, the provided business email address information is used as the username.
    • You may opt to continue using email accounts as usernames, or define a different username policy.
  • For customers enabling single sign-on (SSO) on their environment, using your organization's usernames for your Appian accounts is required.


The password generated for the initial user account meets the following complexity requirements:

  • It must contain at least 7 characters.
  • It must contain at least one number, and one alphabetic character.

Upon creation of a user account, no customer data has been stored or uploaded. The initial password is a temporary password.

  • The system prompts users to reset the password immediately after accessing the Appian environment.
  • Users can reset their password using the Forgot Password link available in the log-in screen if the temporary password provided is misplaced.

We recommend users change their password periodically, and retain similar password complexity requirements (as the ones used for the first generated password).

  • You can determine the best way to enforce this policy recommendation (if at all).
  • You can implement your own password policies.

Appian Cloud customers can coordinate with Appian Technical Support to define a specific password policy to be enforced by the system.

System account: Administrator

The password for the default user created by the system: Administrator is modified from the default password and access with this account is subject to multi-factor authentication. This account is used by Appian Technical Support to access environments as part of regular troubleshooting and monitoring practices and only upon customer approval.

Appian Cloud User Account Policies