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Microsoft Azure Database Integration with Appian Cloud


Appian Cloud customers have the ability to connect to specific database options available in Microsoft Azure.

For Azure's SQL Database Managed Instances and SQL Server on Virtual Machines database options, customers are required to establish IPSec VPN Tunnels when integrating with their Appian Cloud instance.

For Azure's fully managed databases, customers can integrate with any database compatible with the jdbc drivers listed in the supported data sources, for instance Azure SQL Database which currently runs with Microsoft SQL Server. Connectivity to this particular database must be established over the Internet and customers can configure the data source in the Admin Console. Customers need to configure rules on their Azure Server Firewall to allow Appian Cloud IPs. As per Azure documentation, in-transit traffic to the database is encrypted using TLS.


The diagram below shows two Appian Cloud Instances integrating with two different Azure Database resources. Appian Cloud Instance A is integrating with an Azure SQL Database by connecting over the internet, while Appian Cloud Instance B is connecting to an Azure SQL Managed Instance over an IPSec VPN Tunnel.


Supported configuration summary

Database Option Connectivity Option Encryption
SQL Database Managed Instance VPN IPSec
SQL Server on Virtual Machine VPN IPSec
Azure SQL Database Internet (with IP allowed) TLS

Microsoft Azure Database Integration with Appian Cloud