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Resetting My Appian Cloud Password

This page applies to Appian Cloud only. It may not reflect the differences with Appian Government Cloud.

The Appian Cloud log-in page includes a link that allows you to request to have your password reset. Should you need to do so:

  • Click Forgot Password.
  • Type the username you have registered with Appian. The confirmation screen is displayed.
  • An email message with a link you can use to reset your password is sent to you. The email also includes instructions to access the system once the password has been reset.
  • The URL in the email is only valid for 15 minutes. Also, It is only valid for the username associated with the email.
  • On the password reset page, type and confirm your new password. Upon submission, a confirmation screen is displayed with a link for you to access your Appian environment with the new password.
  • Keep in mind that link scanning software can open the Forgot Password link multiple times, which will lead to additional login entries in audits and multiple unintended sessions. We recommend excluding this link from any routine scans to avoid false alarms.

Resetting My Appian Cloud Password