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Appian Cloud Availability

This page applies to Appian Cloud only. It may not reflect the differences with Appian Government Cloud.



Appian Cloud provides customers with the ability to launch their own environments in regions all across the world. Regions in Appian Cloud are built on Amazon Web Services, and represent a collection of geographically distinct Availability Zones. These Availability Zones provide highly available and redundant private networks. Currently, Appian Cloud supports 24 different regions consisting of 72 distinct availability zones. Appian Cloud provides customers with the ability to launch their environments in the region of their choice. At any point, customers can choose to move their environments to a different region that better suits their needs. All currently available regions can be viewed in the map below.

Availability Zones

Appian Cloud maintains multiple Availability Zones (AZs) in each region. Each AZ consists of multiple data centers (typically 3). With their own power infrastructure, AZs are physically separated from one another by a meaningful distance, many kilometers, from any other AZ, although all are within 100 km (60 miles of each other). All AZs are interconnected with high-bandwidth, low-latency networking, over fully redundant, dedicated metro fiber. The network performance is sufficient to accomplish synchronous replication between AZs. These powerful advantages allow Appian Cloud to better enable customer platforms, including the ability to provide Highly Available environments, as well as, replicating production data securely across multiple Availability Zones to enable data redundancy.

Appian Cloud-exclusive feature support

Support for our Appian Cloud-exclusive features are described below for each of our available regions.

The below features are offered as a part of our Appian Cloud offering. The features described vary from inherent benefits of the platform that increase speed and performance of our customer's environments, to features that enable Appian Cloud customers to customize their platforms. These customizations include features that enable our customers to connect their Appian Cloud environments with their own external integrations, increase the availability of their environments through additional redundancy, and enable their ability to manage the accessibility/encryption of their platform through additional security controls. For more information on these capabilities, as well as configuration steps, click on the links in the table below.

Appian Cloud Availability