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Connect Mining Prep and Process Mining
This content applies solely to Process Mining, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform.

Mining Prep and Process Mining complement each other to show you opportunities to improve your business processes. Mining Prep is where you prepare and transform your event data, while Process Mining is the tool that analyzes that data and visualizes both the discovered and target models.

This page discusses how to connect Mining Prep and Process Mining to seamlessly transfer the transformed data and analyze it.

Running Mining Prep and Process Mining on the same server

As both Mining Prep and Process Mining require SSL encryption for productive use, you will need to modify the ports for the nginx proxy on one of the two applications.

We recommend running Mining Prep under a port other than 443 by modifying the docker-compose.yml file in the Mining Prep installation folder:

    image: "$NGINX_IMAGE"
    hostname: nginx
    #  - "80:8080"
      - "9443:8443"

This would make Mining Prep reachable on port 9443.

System connectivity

To establish the connection between Mining Prep and Process Mining, you need to update the prep_config.yaml file in the Mining Prep installation directory.

The following block defines the instances you can run the transformation and upload the logs to:

    - name: "Example Process Mining"
      url: ""
  trust_unknown_ca: false

Replace with your own Process Mining installation URL.

Next, you may need to set up the server to trust the certificate you're using for Process Mining, since the connection will be done over cURL.

To do this, you can also enable a setting to trust any certs using the following entry in the same file:

  trust_unknown_ca: true

After you configured this in your Mining Prep installation and restarted the rukh.local service, the Process Mining instance will show up the dropdown when you run a transformation.

Connect Mining Prep and Process Mining via API

When you prepare to transform and load data from Mining Prep to Process Mining, you're prompted to enter your API key as a connection credential. You can find your API Key in the settings section of Process Mining.

To connect the two via an API key during transformation and loading:

  1. Go to Process Mining.
  2. Click More pm-expand-icon.png to expand the navigation menu.
  3. In the Account section, select Edit Profile.
  4. In the API Key section, click Copy API Key pm-copy-api-icon.png.
  5. Go to Mining Prep.
  6. Select a transformation project and click Transform & Load.
  7. Paste the key into the empty field on the Customize API Key dialog window.
  8. Click Ok.

Protect your API key as you do with all your private credentials. Publicly exposing your credentials can result in your account being compromised. To help keep your API key secure, do not share your API key or embed API keys directly in code. API keys that are embedded in code can be accidentally exposed to the public. You can renew your API key in your user settings.

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Connect Mining Prep and Process Mining