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This release includes exciting enhancements to modeling your data, building workflows, and more.

Streamline your data modeling

Empower all developers to build and structure data perfect for their applications using the new no-code data modeling experience. This process streamlines working with data in Appian and allows you to create your data structure while configuring your record type.

Build processes with records

Easily integrate your business processes by building your workflows with record types: use them to build your forms, to pass data in your process models, and then write or delete data in your source using the new Write Records and Delete Records smart services.

Calculate custom record fields in real time

Create custom record fields that evaluate in real time to leverage record data, related record data, and relative date and time functions like today() or now() in your calculations. With real time evaluations, you can be confident that you're always getting the latest data.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Docs Site Feature: Copy Heading Links

We've added an exciting feature to the docs site: you can now hover over a heading on a page and click to copy the URL.

Improved Doc Site Search: Filters and Better Results

We're excited to announce the addition of search filters to the Appian Doc Site. You can now narrow your searches by any number of other categories. This is the latest in a series of improvements we’ve made to search this year.

Introducing the SAIL Design System

We are excited to release a new tool for designers to create attractive, easy-to-use interfaces in Appian: the SAIL Design System site. This site, combined with the SAIL UI framework, helps designers quickly craft beautiful interfaces with less development.