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News Event Icons

The a!iconNewsEvent() system function provides a convenient way for designers to access a library of typical news event icons.

Use of these standard icons is highly encouraged as they were designed to promote a consistent and harmonious interface experience.

Icon Name Key Icon Name Key
Add Person Icon Add Person ADD_PERSON Airplane Icon Airplane AIRPLANE
Archive Icon Archive ARCHIVE Attachment Icon Attachment ATTACHMENT
Bank Icon Bank BANK Bar Chart Icon Bar Chart BAR_CHART
Barcode Icon Barcode BARCODE Book Icon Book BOOK
Briefcase Icon Briefcase BRIEFCASE Building Icon Building BUILDING
Calendar Icon Calendar CALENDAR Car Icon Car CAR
Chevrons Icon Chevrons CHEVRONS Clipboard Icon Clipboard CLIPBOARD
Clock Icon Clock CLOCK Cloudy Icon Cloudy CLOUDY
Compose Icon Compose COMPOSE Conversation Icon Conversation CONVERSATION
Credit Card Icon Credit Card CREDIT_CARD Crossover Icon Crossover CROSSOVER
Currency (dollar) Icon Currency (dollar) CURRENCY_DOLLAR Currency (euro) Icon Currency (euro) CURRENCY_EURO
Currency (Pound) Icon Currency (pound) CURRENCY_POUND Currency (yen) Icon Currency (yen) CURRENCY_YEN
Delete Icon Delete DELETE Discs Icon Discs DISCS
Document Icon Document DOCUMENT Download Icon Download DOWNLOAD
Envelope Icon Envelope ENVELOPE Exit Icon Exit EXIT
Eye Icon Eye EYE Factory Icon Factory FACTORY
File Cabinet Icon File Cabinet FILE_CABINET File (doc) Icon File (doc) FILE_DOC
File (docx) Icon File (docx) FILE_DOCX File (pdf) Icon File (pdf) FILE_PDF
File (ppt) Icon File (ppt) FILE_PPT File (pptx) Icon File (pptx) FILE_PPTX
File (xls) Icon File (xls) FILE_XLS File (xlsx) Icon File (xlsx) FILE_XLSX
Folder Icon Folder FOLDER Fountain Pen Icon Fountain Pen FOUNTAIN_PEN
Gear Icon Gear GEAR Gears Icon Gears GEARS
Globe Icon Globe GLOBE Hammer Icon Hammer HAMMER
Handshake Icon Handshake HANDSHAKE Home Icon Home HOME
Hourglass Icon Hourglass HOURGLASS ID Card Icon ID Card ID_CARD
Key Icon Key KEY Life Preserver Icon Life Preserver LIFE_PRESERVER
Light Glow Icon Light Glow LIGHT_GLOW Lightning Icon Lightning LIGHTNING
Line Chart Icon Line Chart LINE_CHART Line Chart (up) Icon Line Chart (up) LINE_CHART_UP
List Icon List LIST Magnify Icon Magnify MAGNIFY
Medal Icon Medal MEDAL Microphone Icon Microphone MICROPHONE
Music Note Icon Music Note MUSIC_NOTE Padlock Icon Padlock PADLOCK
Paint Roller Icon Paint Roller PAINT_ROLLER Paper Airplane Icon Paper Airplane PAPER_AIRPLANE
Partly Cloudy Icon Partly Cloudy PARTLY_CLOUDY Pause Icon Pause PAUSE
Pen Icon Pen PEN Pencil Icon Pencil PENCIL
People (2) Icon People (2) PEOPLE_2 People (3) Icon People (3) PEOPLE_3
People (4) Icon People (4) PEOPLE_4 Person Icon Person PERSON
Person Info Icon Person Info PERSON_INFO Pie Chart Icon Pie Chart PIE_CHART
Piggy Icon Piggy PIGGY Play Icon Play PLAY
Plus Icon Plus PLUS Presentation Icon Presentation PRESENTATION
Process Icon Process PROCESS Question Box Icon Question Box QUESTION_BOX
Question Bubble Icon Question Bubble QUESTION_BUBBLE Question Circle Icon Question Circle QUESTION_CIRCLE
Refresh Icon Refresh REFRESH Remove Person Icon Remove Person REMOVE_PERSON
Reply All Icon Reply All REPLY_ALL Reply Icon Reply REPLY
Return Icon Return RETURN Ribbon Icon Ribbon RIBBON
Road Sign Curves Icon Road Sign Curves ROAD_SIGN_CURVES Road Sign Turn Icon Road Sign Turn ROAD_SIGN_TURN
Rocket Icon Rocket ROCKET Scale Icon Scale SCALE
Share Icon Share SHARE Shopping Cart Icon Shopping Cart SHOPPING_CART
Sign Post Icon Sign Post SIGN_POST Signature Icon Signature SIGNATURE
Smart Phone Icon Smart Phone SMART_PHONE Speech Bubble Icon Speech Bubble SPEECH_BUBBLE
Speech Bubble Dots Icon Speech Bubble Dots SPEECH_BUBBLE_DOTS Spinner Icon Spinner SPINNER
Steps Icon Steps STEPS Stop Icon Stop STOP
Stormy Icon Stormy STORMY Suitcase Icon Suitcase SUITCASE
Sun Icon Sun SUN Table Icon Table TABLE
Target Icon Target TARGET Task Icon Task TASK
Task (Big) Icon Task (Big) TASK_BIG Task Problem Icon Task Problem TASK_PROBLEM
Thumbs Down Icon Thumbs Down THUMBS_DOWN Thumbs Up Icon Thumbs Up THUMBS_UP
Traffic Cone Icon Traffic Cone TRAFFIC_CONE Trophy Icon Trophy TROPHY
Umbrella Icon Umbrella UMBRELLA Video Icon Video VIDEO
Warning Icon Warning WARNING Wheelchair Icon Wheelchair WHEELCHAIR
Wrench Icon Wrench WRENCH Zoom In Icon Zoom In ZOOM_IN
Zoom Out Icon Zoom Out ZOOM_OUT


The recommended dimensions for custom news event icons are 134px (h) x 124px (w). This size allows for sharp rendering of icons on high-pixel-density screens such as Apple’s Retina displays.

The border thickness for the standard icon template is 6px. The PNG image format is recommended.


Use the recommended color palette to maximize interface consistency. Each icon should use a single, solid color (no transparency) on a white background.

When using icon color to indicate business meaning (e.g. red = problem) make sure to provide the same information in event text for the benefit of color-blind and non-sighted users. Never use different colored icons for the same event for decorative purposes.

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News Event Icons