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What's New in Process Mining 5.6?
Process Mining is deprecated with Appian 24.2 and will no longer be available in an upcoming release.

Instead, we encourage customers to use Process HQ to explore and analyze business processes and data.

This page describes what's available in the latest releases of Mining Prep and Process Mining.

Version 5.6 (Release date: 31 October 2022)

This release introduces the new management hub to further simplify your experience navigating the system. Not only that, we've made it more seamless to go between Process Mining and Mining Prep with new in-product links.

You’ll also notice usability enhancements to filters and lists that allow you to filter, sort, and search your data more reliably.

Streamlined navigation with the management hub

We’ve done some fall cleaning and consolidated all of the management pages into one central place to make Process Mining easier to navigate.

Management hub gif

Here you can add, edit, share, and delete logs, process scorecards, target models, dashboards, and saved filters. All of these capabilities are packed into a single, easy-to-use interface while also decluttering the sidebar to help you find what you’re looking for more quickly.

As an added bonus, we’ve also added new guidance on each of the management hub pages to help steer you in the right direction when you’re just getting started.

Seamlessly switch between Process Mining and Mining Prep

Appian Process Mining and Mining Prep modules make a mighty pair, so we've made it more seamless to switch between the two. Now, you can quickly access Process Mining and Mining Prep directly from the navigation menu.

Mining Prep navigation menu

To save you even more time, we'll persist your sign in session whenever you switch between these modules using the navigation menu. Additionally, when you successfully transform and load a transformation project in Mining Prep, the system will now provide a hyperlink to quickly jump to the new discovered model in Process Mining.

With these improvements, you'll notice less friction when navigating between Process Mining and Mining Prep to leverage their full potential together.

Improved reliability with lists

This release also brings additional usability and performance improvements. Now, you'll notice searching and sorting lists throughout Process Mining is more reliable and consistent. We've also added new Search fields on several lists, like those on the Insights page, to simplify finding important data in longer lists.

New lists

As you search and navigate these lists, you'll also experience improved performance whenever you select multiple rows of data.

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What's New in Process Mining 5.6?