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Schedule Transformation Updates
Process Mining is deprecated with Appian 24.2 and will no longer be available in an upcoming release.

Instead, we encourage customers to use Process HQ to explore and analyze business processes and data.

Schedule updates to a transformation project

You can define a schedule for your transformation project to load updated data from your data sources. Mining Prep automatically extracts, transforms, and loads the updated data from your source system to Process Mining on a reoccurring basis.

Note:  You must transform and load a project manually before you can add a schedule. This way, Mining Prep knows which environment to load the event log into.

To schedule updates:

  1. Go to the Transformation Projects tab.
  2. Open the context menu next to the desired transformation project.
  3. Select Schedule.
  4. Configure the schedule options:
    • Name: The schedule name that is only used in Mining Prep.
    • Repeat Interval: The interval that applies to the frequency.
    • Frequency: Whether the update should run daily, weekly, or monthly.
    • On: Only available if the frequency is Week. The day of the week the update will execute.
    • Day of Month: Only available if the frequency is Month. The day of the month the update will execute.
    • Start Time: The time of day that the update will execute.
    • Timezone: The timezone for the start time.
    • Status: Enabled by default. Disable to stop the scheduled updates.
  5. Click Save.

After you click Save, a preview of the schedule displays on the Transformation Projects tab next to the project. Verify that the schedule matches your expectations. If you need to make an update, follow the same steps as above to make changes.

Schedule Transformation Project

Schedule Transformation Updates