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Manage Appian RPA
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.


This Manage section is a comprehensive resource for operations managers who use Appian RPA. It covers key capabilities such as disabling and enabling robotic task execution, managing robots and robot pools, as well as creating informational messages for users during maintenance periods.

What you can do

By default, users who belong to the Operations Managers system group can perform the following actions:

Additionally, Operations Managers can take the following actions on a robot when their assigned permission level matches the permission level set on the robot's security role map.

You can do most tasks through the Operations Console, but for some things, you'll need to use the Appian RPA console.

Operations Console overview

The Operations Console is where you can manage robots, robot pools, and robotic tasks.

Note:  If RPA isn't enabled for your Appian environment, you won't be able to use the Operations Console.


Locate the Operations Console

Open the Operations Console through the Appian navigation menu.


Manage access

Required role: Administrator

The Operations Console is designed to allow Operations Managers to set up and maintain a fleet of robots to support robotic task executions. Any user who is added to the Designer role, System Administrator role, or a member of the RPA Operations Managers system group has access to the Operations Console.

Administrators can control who has access to the Operations Console by updating a user's group membership in Appian.

Appian RPA console overview

The Appian RPA console is a dedicated area that streamlines access to essential tasks and settings that are not part of the Operations Console. For more information about how to find the areas in the Appian RPA console where you can complete common tasks, see the Navigate the Console page.


Manage Appian RPA