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Manage Robot Pools
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.


Robot pools are a design object that enable you to group robots based on their unique roles and capabilities. Robot pools can ensure that there is always a robot available and ready to handle any robotic task execution. This page discusses managing robots in the Operations Console.

If you are new to Appian RPA, see the Robot Pools topic in the Learn section for an introduction to robot pools.

Add or remove robot pool members

Required role: Administrator

Tip:  You can only add or remove direct members to the robot pool. Direct members are robots added explicitly to the group, while indirect members are part of a robot pool that is itself a direct member of the group.

Complete the following steps to add or remove robot pool members:

  1. On the Robot Pools tab in the Operations Console, find the robot pool to which you want to add or remove robots and click its name.
    Result: A new screen displays where you can see details about the robot pool.
    Result: The Manage Robots window displays. oc-manage-robots-window.png
  3. Complete one of the following tasks.

    To… Select…
    add a robot Add Robot. A new row displays. Enter the name of the robot you want to add then click SAVE CHANGES.
    remove a robot the red X next to the robot(s) you want to remove then click SAVE CHANGES.

View robot pool details

You can click on a robot pool to view the following details:

  • Robot: The name of the robot performing tasks.
  • Robotic Task: The specific robotic task executed by the robot.
  • Execution ID: A unique identifier for the robotic task execution.
  • Status: Current state of the task (e.g., Completed, Aborted, Error).
  • Started by: Identifies who started the execution.
  • Requested: The date and time when the execution was requested.
  • Started: The date and time when the execution began.
  • Ended: The date and time when the execution finished.
  • Duration: The total amount of time the execution took to complete.
  • Name (under ROBOTIC TASKS): Names of the robotic tasks assigned to the robot pool.
  • Total Executions (under ROBOTIC TASKS): Number of times the task has been executed.

See also

You can do more with robot pools in Appian Designer. Visit the Robot Pools page to learn more.

Manage Robot Pools