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Reconcile Doc Extraction Smart Service


The Reconcile Doc Extraction node allows you to assign an interface to review and update extracted data from a doc extraction run, started by the Start Doc Extraction Smart Service.

The Appian Document Extraction page walks you through how to use document extraction functionality together in a process model. See the following list for the other smart services and functions you need to use with the Reconcile Doc Extraction Smart Service:


  • Category: Document Management

  • Icon:

  • Assignment Options: Attended/Unattended

Configuration options

This section contains tab configuration details specific to this smart service. For more information about common configurations see the Process Node Properties page.

Data tab

This tab displays all the Node Inputs and Node Outputs for the Service Node. You can add additional inputs and outputs, if needed.

Node inputs

The default inputs are:

Input Data Type Required Multiple Description
Document Extraction Id Integer Yes No ID of the doc extraction run. In order to retrieve the results, a run must first be started by the Start Doc Extraction Smart Service and a!docExtractionStatus() function should return `COMPLETE`.
Data Type Number Integer Yes No Data Type Number is the type to which the values should be cast.
  • This should be a Custom Data Type (CDT).
  • This may be retrieved by using `typeof(x)`, where x is a value of the intended type.
Title Text No No Text for the title of the interface. Default is `Reconcile [name of document]`.
Submit Button Label Text No No Label for the “Submit” button. Default is `Submit`.
Mark As Invalid Button Label Text No No Label for the “Mark as Invalid” button. Default is `Mark as Invalid`.
Is Structured Doc Boolean No No Set to true when fields to be extracted are in the same location for all documents. When you pass in structured documents and perform reconciliation, Appian Document Extraction learns to recognize this information based on its position, improving results for future extractions.

Node outputs

Name Data Type Description
Reconciled Data Any Type The data reconciled by the user. The data type will match the custom data type (CDT) number passed in the inputs.
Is Submit Boolean User selected the “Submit” button.
Is Invalid Boolean User selected the “Mark as Invalid” button.

To save the Reconciled Data into a process variable:

  1. Select the Outputs property sheet (tab).
  2. Click Reconciled Data on the Results list. The result properties are displayed.
  3. Create a new process variable to store the result, or select an existing process variable with data type of your input Data Type Number from the available list.

Usage considerations

The doc extraction reconciliation interface can only be accessed by a user who has permissions to the original document.

Appian will delete document extraction runs after 30 days, or when the total amount of data surpasses 10 GB. If you attempt to access a run that has been deleted, you will see an error. Appian will not delete the documents you uploaded.

Reconcile Doc Extraction Smart Service