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Google Cloud Translation

Note:  Customers who wish to use Google services in Appian will need to bring their own Google Cloud credentials to do so.


Appian supports the integration of Google AI services in your Appian application. As part of the offering, the Google Cloud Translation connected system enables you to quickly and easily detect the language of a piece of text, and then translate it into the desired language. Once you're connected, you can call an integration in your process model or interface so you can dynamically detect and translate text, allowing you to communicate information quickly and effectively.

To use this connected system, you must have a Google Service Account. Ensure you have set up the required Google Cloud service credentials

For information that pertains to all connected systems, see Connected System Object.


The Google Cloud Vision connected system has the following properties:

Field Description
Name Required. The name of the connected system. Use a name that will uniquely identify this connection to the external system.
Description Supplemental information about the connected system that is displayed in the objects grid of some Designer views and when selecting the system in an integration object.
Project ID* Required. Found in your Google Service Account file.
Private Key ID* Required. Found in your Google Service Account file.
Private Key* Required/Sensitive. Found in your Google Service Account file.
Client Email* Required. Found in your Google Service Account file.
Client ID* Required. Found in your Google Service Account file.

* This value is included in an import customization file so that you can specify a different value for each environment. Sensitive values will not be exported in the import customization file and must be added manually. Required fields must have a value upon import or else import will fail. For more information on import/export behavior, see the Connected Systems Object page.



Name Description Type
Detect Language Discovers languages from provided text READ
Translate Text Translates provided text READ

Detect Language

Detect and obtain the language of a piece of text. The detected language will return as a language code. See a list of supported languages to see which language matches the language code.

screenshot of Detect Language operation selected in an integration object

Translate Text

Detect the source language of a piece of plain or HTML text and translate it into the language of your choosing. To dynamically translate content, consider adding a rule input in your integration to pass different values to translate.

By default, text is translated using the Neural Machine Translation (NMT) model. If the NMT model is not supported for the requested language translation pair, then the Phrase-Based Machine Translation (PBMT) model is used. The runtime model will be returned in the result.

screenshot of Translate Text operation selected in an integration object

Google Cloud Translation