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Drag & Drop Patterns

Note:  Looking for more patterns and examples? Check out the SAIL Design System documentation.


Component patterns offer you an easy way to drag-and-drop common design patterns for your interfaces. Learn from them, or adapt them to fit your interface. Select from the list below to learn more a particular pattern's design or expression.

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Choice Components Alert Banner Patterns
Formatting Breadcrumbs Pattern
Choice Components, Formatting, Conditional Display Cards as Buttons Pattern
Card Choices, Rich Text Cards as Choices Pattern
Choice Components, Images Cards as List Items Patterns
Comments, Looping Comments Patterns
Documents Document List
Grids, Charts, Reports Drilldown Report Pattern
Choice Components, Cards, Checkboxes, Buttons Dual Picklist Pattern
Rich Text, Events Duration Display
Inputs, Dynamic Links Dynamic Inputs
Timeline, Events Event Timelines
Stamps Form Steps
Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Buttons Inline Survey
Formatting KPI Patterns
Looping Leaderboard
Grids, Rich Text More-Less Link
Conditional Display, Formatting, Navigation Navigation Patterns
Stamps Stamp Steps
Formatting, Choice Components, Buttons, Rich Text, Cards Tabs Patterns
Grids, Filters, Process Task Links, Task Reports Task Report Pattern
Formatting Timeline Patterns
Charts, Reports Trend-Over-Time Report
Charts, Reports, Formatting Year-Over-Year Report

Drag & Drop Patterns