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RPA Hotfixes

This page lists the latest resolved issues in Appian RPA version 9.5 and in the two previous versions. The release date is indicated for each hotfix.

Hotfixes for RPA 9.5

jidoka-9.5.0-1f10047ee9ed (16 Nov 2023)

  • Security Updates - Medium

jidoka-9.5.0-c1f4bbe63bf7 (03 Nov 2023)

  • RPA-11588 - Medium
    Robotic tasks and robot pools can now be added to applications using the "Add Existing Objects" button.

Hotfixes for older versions

jidoka-9.4.0-f239e10a61d9 (28 Sep 2023)

  • RPA-11444 - Critical
    Fixed a performance issue where intermittent robotic task executions were not getting assigned to available robots.

jidoka-9.4.0-659cdfad6216 (21 Sep 2023)

  • RPA-11203 - High
    Re-download and run robot installer to apply this change

jidoka-9.3.0-eb7dd91904b1 (31 Aug 2023)

  • Security Updates - High

  • RPA-11017 - Medium
    Robotic task executions now time out after 96 hours.

jidoka-9.3.0-f83caf9be712 (24 Aug 2023)

  • RPA-10954 - Medium
    Importing updated RTDO now correctly updates name/description

  • RPA-11016 - Low
    RPA "Learn more" URL now points to the correct Appian documentation page.

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RPA Hotfixes