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a!lineChartField_19r1 Component

This page contains information related to an old version of the Line Chart Component.

To take advantage of the latest features and improvements, we always recommend you use the latest version whenever possible. See the latest version's page for information about what's been changed.

Line Chart

Function: a!lineChartField_19r1()

Displays a series of numerical data as points connected by lines. Use a line chart to visualize trends of data that changes over time. If specific values are more important than the trend, consider using a column chart.

See also: Column Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Chart Series


Name Keyword Types Description




Text to display as the field label.




Supplemental text about this field.



List of Text String

Text to display on the x-axis below each data point.



List of LineChartSeries

Array of data series created with a!chartSeries().

X-Axis Title



Title for the independent (horizontal) axis.

Y-Axis Title



Title for the dependent (vertical) axis.

Min Y-Axis


Number (Decimal)

Determines the minimum displayed point on the vertical axis.

Max Y-Axis


Number (Decimal)

Determines the maximum displayed point on the vertical axis.

Reference Lines


List of Variant

Array of reference line values for each threshold to be defined on the chart. Configured using a!chartReferenceLine().

Show legend



Determines if a color legend displays below the chart. Default: true.

Show data labels



Determines if data values are displayed next to each data point. Default: false.

Show tooltips



Determines if a tooltip displays the data value for each data point. Default: true.

Allow decimal axis labels



Allows dependent (vertical) values to display as decimal numbers instead of integers. Default: false.

Label Position



Determines where the label appears. Valid values:

  • "ABOVE" (default) Displays the label above the component.
  • "ADJACENT" Displays the label to the left of the component.
  • "COLLAPSED" Hides the label. The label will still be read by screen readers; see accessibility considerations for more information.
  • "JUSTIFIED" Aligns the label alongside the component starting at the edge of the page.

Help Tooltip



Displays a help icon with the specified text as a tooltip. The tooltip displays a maximum of 500 characters. The help icon does not show when the label position is "COLLAPSED".




Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.

Connect Null Data Points



Determines whether to connect a graph line across null points, or render a gap between the two points on either side of the null. Default: false.

Accessibility Text



Additional text to be announced by screen readers. Used only for accessibility; produces no visible change.


  • The order of items in the Categories array determines the display order of categories on the chart with the left-most item in the array appearing on the far left of the x-axis.
  • For each null or empty item in the array passed to Categories, [Category #] displays on the x-axis with # as the index number in the Categories array of the null or empty item. For example, [Category 1].
  • The index of each item in the Categories array must match with the index of its Series data value. You can retrieve a dictionary from the data field of a queryrecord() function result, and then use a!chartSeries() to create the Chart Series array.
  • A single Series item produces a single line with line points for each Categories item. Multiple Series items produce multiple lines with one line for each series label item displayed in a distinct color and line points for each Categories item with a different data marker shape (for example, square, circle, diamond) for each line.
  • If a series data value is greater than the Y-Axis Max value or less than the Y-Axis Min value, the line continues off the chart, but the line point does not display.
  • If the Series argument has a non-null label value paired with a 0, null, or empty data value, the data value still displays in the legend.
  • If the Series argument has a null or empty label value paired with a non-null data value, the label value displays as [Series #] with # as the index number of the data value. For example, [Series 1].
  • If data values are small and less than a whole number, Appian recommends settings allowDecimalAxisLabels to true.

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this SAIL component's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Compatible
Sync-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible
Real-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible
Process Reports Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process report.

Process Events Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process event node, such as a start event or timer event.

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a!lineChartField_19r1 Component