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Document Download Link


a!documentDownloadLink( label, document, showWhen )

Defines a link used to download a document. Links can be used in charts, grids, hierarchy browsers, images, link fields, milestones, pickers, and rich text.

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Name Keyword Types Description




Text displayed as the link name the user clicks on.




The ID of the document that downloads when the user clicks the link.




Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.

Usage considerations

  • To display a single link or array of links, use inside the Link Field component. To display a link in a grid, use inside a GridTextColumn. To add a link to an image, use inside a document or web image. To add a link to a chart series, use inside the a!chartSeries() function.

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this SAIL component's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Compatible
Sync-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible
Real-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible
Process Reports Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process report.

Process Events Incompatible

You cannot use this function to configure a process event node, such as a start event or timer event.

The following patterns include usage of the Document Download Link.

  • Comments Patterns (Comments, Looping): Use this pattern when displaying a chronological list of messages from different users, such as comments on a topic or notes on a case.

  • Display Multiple Files in a Grid (Document Management, Grids): Show a dynamic number of files in a grid and edit certain file attributes.

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Document Download Link