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Process Model AI-Augmented Development


This page discusses a program that we internally call the "Appian Developer Co-Pilot". In it, Appian uses the vast knowledge we've gathered over the years about how applications are built, and then mines that anonymized data and feeds it into Artificial Intelligence (AI) agents. That AI then helps developers while building process models by suggesting the nodes that we predict they are most likely to use next.

Process Model AI-Augmented Development

When building your process models, there are a large number of nodes and smart services available to you. However, finding the right one in the node and smart service palette can be cumbersome. To help you, Appian has added "Suggested" nodes. These are visible in the upper-left hand corner of the modeler, as well as when you right-click on a connector between two nodes.

screenshot of suggested nodes smart service palette and popup

As you build a process model, the Appian AI within the Process Modeler automatically analyzes the state of your canvas and suggests to you the nodes that it predicts you are most likely to pick next.

If the node or smart service that you are looking for isn't suggested, you can always search for it in the palette on the left or by right-clicking on a connector between nodes.

suggested node workflow in simple process model

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Process Model AI-Augmented Development