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Enabling Mobile Case Management


Event postings made by the Post Event to Feed Smart Service and the Post System Event to Feed Smart Service provide users the additional option to Open a Case by clicking a link on the post.

  • When you click the link, you are prompted to add optional instructions.
  • A case opened message appears as a comment to the event, listing the user who opened a case, when it was opened, and any additional comments that were entered.
  • You cannot directly pass data from the process that posted an event to the new process that is started.
  • Instructions or additional details can be provided by the user when the user opens a case (starts the process).

You can enable this feature for your Appian Mobile application users by configuring the proper smart services and target process model.

Configuring a case management target process

To configure a case management target process:

  1. Create a process model designed to handle the issue.
    • The process model should not include a process start form.
    • Process start forms are ignored when a process is started using an Open a Case link.
  2. Assign Viewer rights to the process model for the intended users.
  3. Assign a task to the user or group you want to follow up on the case that is opened by a user.
  4. Within that task, display the notes or comments entered by the user by including a read-only text field that displays the pv!feedActionNotes from the process that was started. You can access this parameter by referencing it within an expression.
  5. When you've build your case management process, be sure to Save & Publish the process model to enable it as a target action.

Configuring the smart services

To configure the smart services:

  1. On the Data tab of the Post Event to Feed Smart Service or the Post System Event to Feed Smart Service, click the Action Process node input.
  2. Click the Browse button next to the Value field.
  3. Select a published process model.


  • Any instructions entered by the user are passed to the process that is started using the pp!feedActionNotes parameter.
  • If users don't have Initiator rights for the selected process model, they still see the Open a case link. In such cases, an error is displayed when the user clicks the link.
  • If the process model you specify is not found when the user clicks the link, an error is displayed.

Case management parameters

The following reserved parameters are populated automatically when a process is started by opening a case.

You must create these parameters individually within your target process model.

Parameter Description



The entry ID of the Tempo feed event that provided the context for opening a case.



The feed entry text of the Tempo feed event that provided the context for opening a case.



The user ID of the process actor associated with posting the feed entry.



The publication timestamp of the feed entry.



The optional information entered by the user when opening the case.

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Enabling Mobile Case Management