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What's New in Process Mining 5.3?
This content applies solely to Process Mining, which must be purchased separately from the Appian base platform.

This page describes what's available in the latest releases of Mining Prep and Process Mining.

Version 5.3 (Release date: 27 June 2022)

Avoid hassles with date conversion and mismatched data type errors

We want your experience in Appian to be as streamlined as possible, and that’s why we’ve enhanced Mining Prep to help prevent the most common transformation errors. First, we’ve enhanced the frequently used date conversion transformation action to automatically suggest the correct date format when converting a string to a datetime. Incorrect manual inputs for data formats are a common culprit of transformation errors, which we’ve helped eliminate with this improvement.

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Additionally, we’ve added a new warning that displays when you identify an attribute column with an incorrect data type. For example, you’ll now receive a warning if you select a column containing text as a numerical attribute.

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These enhancements help you to spend less time consolidating data and more time discovering insights into your processes.

Connect to MariaDB data sources

Your data comes in all shapes and sizes, and we want to ensure you have easy ways to load it from any source into Appian Process Mining. That’s why in this release, we’ve added a new out-of-the-box connection to load your data from MariaDB as a data source. We’ve continued to expand our offering of standard database connectors to provide you with even more flexibility when it comes to getting your data into Process Mining.

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What's New in Process Mining 5.3?