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This release includes big and exciting new platform capabilities that empower users to make data-driven decisions about their business, streamline procurement processes, and build AI-powered apps faster than ever.

Process HQ: Mission control for your business decisions

Introducing Process HQ! A new self-service workspace that combines the latest technologies in data fabric, process mining, machine learning, and generative AI to empower users to make better, data-driven decisions about their business.

Elevate your processes with eleven new use-case-driven AI Skills

We’ve created 11 new use-case-driven AI skills built on the prompt builder AI skill that you can use to automate common tasks in your business processes, making AI-powered apps faster and easier to develop.

Enterprise Copilot empowers users with easy access to institutional knowledge

Enterprise Copilot is a generative AI chat experience where users can ask questions about curated sets of files specific to their business to quickly find answers within immense amounts of information.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New Data Fabric Docs

This release, you'll see major changes in the organization and presentation of our records content. Now, all records content focuses on helping you build a unified data fabric in Appian.

New Course: Appian 24.2 Release Showcase

This course teaches you how to leverage new and enhanced features of the Appian platform and makes it easier for you to transition to working with future versions of Appian.

New Best Practices: Building Performant Interfaces

Learn to design interfaces that are quick to load and respond to user interactions. The Interface Performance Best Practices page compiles some of the best tips and strategies for designing performant interfaces, as well as some of the most important performance principles to get you (and your interfaces) up to speed quickly.