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urlwithparameters() Function


urlwithparameters( path, parameterNames, parameterValues )

This function allows you to build a URL from an expression, using arrays of process and constant data.


Keyword Type Description



The URL path. This can be a fully qualified path or a relative path. The path will not be encoded as it is the responsibility of the designer to provide a valid path.


Text Array

The parameters to append to the URL.


Text Array

The parameter values corresponding to the parameter names to append to the URL.


Textpath (Text)

Usage considerations

URL format

Parameter names are encoded to form a valid URL. For example, spaces are replaced with "%20".

The return value is a fully qualified or relative URL path that is not encoded or validated.

Casting behavior for single values

Prior to Appian 23.2, if you provided second and third parameters without curly brackets {}, they were treated as URL parameter names without values. In Appian 23.2 and above, they are treated as a URL parameter name and value.

For example, urlwithparameters("", "a", 1) returns the following prior to Appian 23.2:

In Appian 23.2 and above, it returns:

See Using urlwithparameters() to list parameter names without values for an example of how to achieve the old functionality.


Using urlwithparameters() in a process model

The following is how you would use urlwithparameters() in a process model using an html link and process variables.

"<a href=" & urlwithparameters("/tio/", {"claimNumber"}, {pv!claimNumber}) & ">View Payments</a>"

Returns a link that is specific to a claim number and uses View Payments for the link text. For example, when pv!claimNumber is 34252, it returns /tio/

The following shows how to use urlwithparameters() in a link component.

Use the interactive editor below to test out your code:

Using urlwithparameters() to list parameter names without values

To return a list of parameter names without values, use an empty array for the third parameter. For example:

  {"a", "b", "c"},

Returns url?a=&b=&c=.

Feature compatibility

The table below lists this function's compatibility with various features in Appian.
Feature Compatibility Note
Portals Compatible
Offline Mobile Partially compatible

Can be used with offline mobile if it is loaded at the top of the form.

Sync-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible
Real-Time Custom Record Fields Incompatible

Custom record fields that evaluate in real time must be configured using one or more Custom Field functions.

Process Reports Incompatible

Cannot be used to configure a process report.

Process Events Incompatible

Cannot be used to configure a process event node, such as a start event or timer event.

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urlwithparameters() Function