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What's New in Process Mining 5.8?
Process Mining is deprecated with Appian 24.2 and will no longer be available in an upcoming release.

Instead, we encourage customers to use Process HQ to explore and analyze business processes and data.

This page describes what's available in the latest release of Appian Process Mining.

Version 5.8 (Release date: 23 January 2023)

Appian Process Mining helps you gain insights into how your processes actually work. These insights drive your ability to continuously improve business processes, make data-driven decisions, and prioritize optimization opportunities that offer you the most value.

We’ve introduced several capabilities that unify the power of Process Mining and the rest of our platform and added new, more flexible ways to prepare your data for mining.

Uncover cost savings in your processes with savings scorecards

You can now use savings scorecards to calculate and track how the new efficiencies from implementing Process Mining insights result in cost savings over time.

Savings Scorecard

Additionally, you can set a custom savings goal and monitor your progress towards it. Process Mining even lets you know if you are on track to meet your goal with projected savings and anticipated goal dates based on your process data. All of this information is displayed in a compact format that’s designed for you to quickly share with leaders in your organization.

Savings scorecards and Appian Process Mining offer data-driven insights that enable you to prioritize improvements that deliver the maximum value to your organization.

Mine your Appian applications with our built-in connection

You can now use synced record types as a data source, so you can more quickly and securely discover insights into your Appian applications. Using this new built-in connection, you can tap into the data you’re already using to rapidly discover optimization opportunities and uncover insights into process metrics.

Record Data Source

Want to track how much your Appian application is saving you over time with a savings scorecard? Now, all you need to do is point at the record type containing your audit log, load it into Process Mining, and you’re ready to go.

Instantly generate workflow from a discovered model

You can now turn any discovered model into an Appian process that mirrors your existing workflow. Simply click GENERATE WORKFLOW and we'll create a new process model that serves as a jumping off point for future Appian development.

This new capability uses the power of Appian to breathe life into your process visualizations, so you can quickly implement and execute business processes to solve real problems and automate manual work.

Generate Workflow

Match complex data patterns with regular expressions

We’ve added a new match pattern transformation action to our data preparation capabilities. This new action lets you use regular expressions (regex) to match complex data patterns and extract the results into new columns with greater flexibility.

You can use this capability to extract attributes or to standardize data in your data set’s columns. For example, you can use a simple regex pattern to extract usernames from email addresses and create a new attribute column based on that data.

This builds on the existing match transformation action to offer even greater flexibility and precision when you’re transforming process data.

What's New in Process Mining 5.8?