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What's New in Process Mining 5.1?
Process Mining is deprecated with Appian 24.2 and will no longer be available in an upcoming release.

Instead, we encourage customers to use Process HQ to explore and analyze business processes and data.

This page describes what's available in the latest releases of Mining Prep and Process Mining.

Version 5.1 (Release date: 4 April 2022)

Process scorecards

Our unified low-code suite continues to offer your teams new ways to discover, monitor, and improve business processes that exist across your apps and automations. The new process scorecards capability helps you extract more value from your mined processes by enabling you to track, measure, and summarize performance trends across multiple processes and share these insights with your organization.

Scorecard view

With process scorecards, you can:

  • Create a high-level overview of how your processes are performing against case duration key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Score each process automatically based on custom performance objectives.
  • Graph historical trends for process scores over a configured period of time.

A scorecard automatically assigns each process a score and status that correspond to its performance against your custom case duration thresholds. Together, these metrics let you know at a glance if you need to take action.

Usability enhancements

Automatic API provisioning: You no longer need to manually copy your Process Mining API key to Mining Prep when transforming and loading events logs. Now, Mining Prep fills in the key for you automatically to help streamline your workflow between the two modules.

Replace values transformation action: In this release, we've added a new replace values transformation action to Mining Prep. This functionality has been split from the match columns transformation action to make choosing the correct action more clear. The revised match columns transformation action allows you to add new columns; the new replace values transformation action allows you to replace values in existing columns.

Deprecated Python dashboards

To focus on your experience with low-code process mining capabilities, we are deprecating advanced dashboards that use Python in Process Mining 5.1. Advanced dashboards still continue to support R Shiny.

If you are using advanced dashboards that rely on Python, please convert them to standard dashboards or advanced dashboards that use R Shiny.

What's New in Process Mining 5.1?