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What's New in Process Mining 5.0?
Process Mining is deprecated with Appian 24.2 and will no longer be available in an upcoming release.

Instead, we encourage customers to use Process HQ to explore and analyze business processes and data.

This page describes what's available in the latest releases of Mining Prep and Process Mining.

Version 5.0 (Release date: 24 January 2022)

Introducing Appian Process Mining

We’re excited to introduce Appian Process Mining, the easiest way to analyze, improve, and monitor your business processes. Cut through the noise of large data sets with capabilities that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to provide valuable, actionable insights.

In large processes, activities often occur out of order, multiple times, or get skipped altogether. These deviations from your ideal target process can lead to wasted time, wasted resources, bottlenecks, and compliance violations. It is practically impossible for a human to identify these deviations or make any meaningful determinations from the raw data alone. This is where Appian Process Mining steps in to help.

Appian Process Mining consists of two modules that work hand in hand: Mining Prep and Process Mining.

Process mining overview. Mining prep: Data transforms into logs. Arrow to Process Mining: Models and KPIs analyze into insights. Arrow to Optimize: Act on insights and improve, monitor, and optimize. Repeat.

Mining Prep

Mining Prep enables you to extract, transform, and load business-process data using low-code actions—ultimately turning data sets from your IT systems into event logs suitable for analysis with Appian Process Mining. Mining Prep enables you to perform complex data transformations, even if you don’t have in-depth technical knowledge. With Mining Prep, you can:

  • Import data sets from external databases, SAP, other ERP applications, and CSV files.
  • Preview and execute data transformations such as column merging, column matching, table joining, data filtering, date conversion, and more.
  • Import transformed event logs into Process Mining for further analysis.
  • Schedule updates to your data sets and imports into Process Mining.

Spend less time consolidating data and more time discovering insights into your processes!

Process Mining

Process Mining is where you perform all of your analysis and monitor your implemented improvements. When you import process data as event logs, Process Mining automatically creates an easy-to-read model that visualizes how your business processes actually work in practice. The following image shows a discovered model that Process Mining automatically generated from an event log for a purchase process.

Automatically generated discovered model.

Process Mining allows you to:

  • Visualize your process with automatically generated models.
  • Generate or create target models with built in BPMN modeling tools.
  • Perform conformance checks that compare deviations between your actual and target process.
  • Perform root-cause analysis to find the underlying reasons for process deviations and performance issues.
  • Monitor KPIs and other useful information about your processes with fully customizable, no-code dashboards.

These insights allow you to adjust and fine-tune your processes to create immediate value. What’s more, with Process Mining you can create a constant feedback loop and continually refine and measure the results of your changes.

Minor release update: Process Mining 5.0.1

Process Mining 5.0.1 includes updates to improve performance and enhance security.

We've added a new option to renew your personal API key in your user settings. Select Renew API Key Renew API Key icon to generate a new API key for your user.

API Key: User Settings

You may want to renew your API key in cases of unauthorized disclosure. When you renew your API key, the previous key is disabled from further use.

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What's New in Process Mining 5.0?