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View Execution Details
The capabilities described on this page are included in Appian's standard capability tier. Usage limits may apply.


On the Dashboard, you'll see the list of robotic tasks that are currently running or queued to run. This list is only available when there is at least one robotic task running.


Use any column to sort the list. By default, the list is sorted by execution priority. You'll see the following information in the list:

  • Robotic task: The robotic task's name.
  • Priority (P): The robotic task's priority. You can set the priority level when you create a new robotic task.
  • Description: The execution's description.
  • Robot: The robot associated with the execution.
  • Execution: The execution's unique identifier.
  • Start: Date and time when the execution began or is scheduled to begin.

You can also see the execution's progress in this list. Use the pause button 2237070.png to pause a robotic task or the stop button 2237071.png to end it.

View the execution log

With the execution log, you can follow the robotic task's progress through its workflow. The log shows its activity, informational messages, exceptions, and errors. Developers can code robotic tasks so they display information in the execution log at certain points in the execution.


Learn more about how to read the execution log.

Access log files

Under Settings > Maintenance, you can view log files generated either by the console, the server, or the robots.

The page includes a list of all log trace files stored on the server. To download a file, click Download file in the Actions column.

When the files are no longer needed, you can remove the selected files to save space on the server. To remove a tile, click Delete file in the Actions column.


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View Execution Details