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Unsupported Custom Properties


This page describes which Custom Properties are managed by the Appian operator, or not supported in Kubernetes. It applies to self-managed customers using Appian on Kubernetes.

For details on how to update custom properties on a running Appian site, see Changes to Custom Properties.

Unsupported Custom Properties

In Kubernetes various Appian pods run in their own containers where Appian is installed at /usr/local/appian/ae in those container images. The directories are fixed to the configured locations and cannot be changed. As a result, the following list of custom properties that are not supported in Kubernetes.

  • conf.suite.AE_LOGS
  • conf.suite.BASE_PATH
  • resources.appian.process.application.PM_STORE_ROOT_PATH

Custom properties managed by the Appian operator

The following custom properties are not managed through .spec.customProperties. They are instead internally managed and calculated by the Appian operator based on the .spec.webapp properties in the CR. This mapping is shown below.

  • conf.suite.SCHEME -> .spec.webapp.url
  • conf.suite.SERVER_AND_PORT -> .spec.webapp.url
  • conf.suite.STATIC_SERVER_AND_PORT -> .spec.webapp.staticUrl
  • conf.suite.DYNAMIC_SERVER_AND_PORT -> .spec.webapp.dynamicUrl
  • conf.suite.APPLICATION_CONTEXT -> .spec.webapp.applicationContext
  • ->
  • ->[*].name

Note that these custom properties will show up under conf.* in config map containing created by the operator.

Note:  If any of these custom properties are configured in the Appian CR under .spec.customProperties, they will be removed by the Appian operator.

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Unsupported Custom Properties