Google reCAPTCHA


This connected system can only be used in a portal.

Appian supports Google’s reCAPTCHA services for use in portals. The Google reCAPTCHA connected system helps protect your portals from malicious or fraudulent bot activity.

To use this connected system, you must have a Google Cloud Account set up with the required Google Cloud service credentials.

For information on how to set up the reCAPTCHA connected system, see Add Google reCAPTCHA to your portal and Configuring reCAPTCHA.

For information that pertains to all connected systems, see Connected System Object.


The Google reCAPTCHA connected system has the following properties:

Field Description
Name Required. Name of the connected system. Use a name that will clearly differentiate this connected system from others in your application.
Description Supplemental information about the connected system that is displayed in the objects grid of some Designer views.
reCAPTCHA Project ID Required. Found in your Google Cloud Console, referred to as project ID. The project ID is located in the Project Info section of your Google Cloud dashboard. If you need a project ID, see steps for creating a project.
reCAPTCHA Site Key Required. Found in your Google Cloud Console, referred to as reCAPTCHA keys. reCAPTCHA keys are located on the reCAPTCHA Enterprise page and are project-specific. If you need a reCAPTCHA site key, see steps for creating site keys.
reCAPTCHA API Key Required/Sensitive. Found in your Google Cloud Console, referred to as API keys. API keys are located in the APIs & Services section on the Credentials page. You need an API key with reCAPTCHA Enterprise API enabled. If you need an API key, see steps for creating API keys.


Test connection

Click the TEST CONNECTION button to verify your credentials are valid for getting a reCAPTCHA score.

You will still need to configure the a!verifyRecaptcha() behavior in your interface flow. This button only checks to ensure your credentials are valid.

The connection test only checks one credential at a time. If for example, both your project ID and site key are invalid, the error message will only mention the project ID.

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