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AI Features in Appian

Customers who wish to use Google services in Appian will need to bring their own Google Cloud credentials to do so.

Every day, artificial intelligence (AI) allows users to focus on more critical and meaningful work by delegating routine tasks to intelligent machines and software. Integrating AI capabilities like speech recognition, computer vision, or document extraction into your business applications can make your processes faster and more accurate.

With so many AI options available, you may start to consider:

  • Which features should I use?
  • What's the cost associated with these features?
  • How do I configure AI to work in my project?


Appian provides a series of design objects to connect and leverage Google Cloud AI services out-of-the-box. In a matter of minutes, you can use AI for translations, image recognition, content classification, and more through connected systems, plug-ins, and smart services.

All you need is a Google Service Account to get started creating smart, modern applications that leverage these capabilities.

Appian offers fully built-in document extraction capabilities with no need to send your data to Google. If your business requires you to keep your document data within Appian, you can do just that using these built-in services.

Customers who wish to use Appian's built-in document extraction capabilities don't need to opt into the service in their customer agreement. These services are available by default for certain customers.

How do I get access?

To get started, you just need a Google Service Account. That’s it! No additional configurations or charges are needed.

As long as you have a valid Google Service Account and key, you can configure and use the AI smart services, plug-ins, and connected systems. Depending on the AI functionality, you may need to configure additional items in your Google Account.

Check out the available AI features to get started.

How is my data protected?

For details on Google's data security and privacy practices, see Google Cloud Security.

Learn more about how Appian and Google protect your data as it moves through the Intelligent Document Processing application.

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AI Features in Appian